New York has become a completely feral city, with children in the crosshairs

An absolutely appalling video has emerged from New York, giving an insight into how feral the city has become.  Two small children found themselves in the middle of a shooting — not near, but in the middle — with the intended victim crawling around and over them, as the gunman relentlessly fired away.  This is what leftist crime policies have done to New York, and it's shocking.

That closed circuit cameras don't make a difference to the breakdown in New York is evidenced by the fact that the shooting is caught from two different angles by C.C. cameras on a busy street in the Bronx.  All that the cameras do is provide a horrifying window into what has happened to what was once one of the safest big cities in the world.

Two children — a five-year-old boy and his ten-year-old sister — were walking down the street in front of their apartment a little before 7 P.M. on Thursday (that is, in full daylight), on their way to buy some after-dinner candy.  As each video starts (and it all happens very quickly), you see people scatter, including the two children, as a man in a red sweatshirt sprints toward the children.

The children, in their dash for safety, manage to cross in front of red sweatshirt man, who smashes into them.  All three fall to the ground.  That's when you see emerging onto the sidewalk from between two parked cars a figure all in black with a gun.  Despite the children's presence, he fires his gun repeatedly.  The gunman circles around the tangle of children and intended victim, still firing.  Red sweatshirt man crawls over the children, trying to escape, as the shooter keeps firing.

And that's when you see something beautiful in the middle of this hellish landscape, something that gives you hope for humanity.  The utterly terrified boy, five, stands up, his whole little body trembling with fear, and his sister, only ten, grabs him and shelters him with her body.  That loving, brave reaction is like a rose growing on an ash heap.

In the scramble, red sweatshirt man was hit three times — once in the back and in both legs — but managed to get to the hospital, where he was treated and will recover.  Miraculously, despite the shooter firing at least ten times, neither child was shot.  Both, however, are deeply traumatized:

As local residents decried the bloodshed in the borough — where incidents of gun violence have more than doubled so far this year compared to the same period in 2020 — a friend of the kids' family said relatives hope to raise money so the traumatized siblings and their parents can move.

The parents of the children, who were on a walk to get some candy, talked to police but were too scared to file a complaint in the case, law-enforcement sources said.

Because the video is getting so much play, it's easy to imagine that Democrats will quickly seize upon it to push for gun control.  The real problem is the complete breakdown in law and order in a city that decided that it would be a good thing to defund the police, release prisoners, and do away with bail.  The people committing these crimes are not the kind of people who buy guns legally — and if they didn't have guns, they'd be perfectly happy to commit their crimes with machetes, acid, fists, boots, etc.

Another problem is a politically correct police department that refuses to give good information about the suspects (the shooter and his scooter get-away driver):

The NYPD released the video of the incident above in hopes the public could help identify the suspect, who they described as a man wearing sunglasses and all-black clothing.

The getaway driver was described as a man wearing a white baseball cap, a red long-sleeved shirt and dark-colored shorts.

Here's the thing about clothes: people change them.  What the police couldn't bring themselves to do was provide information about the criminals' immutable characteristics — namely, their skin color and body types.  Fortunately, because the video is clear, we can say that the shooter was a slender black man of medium height, while the getaway driver, who appeared in yet another, slightly grainier C.C. capture, was a more heavyset Caucasian or Hispanic man.  Now, wasn't that easy?

No wonder the New York Post reports that "[t]hese kind [sic] of shock explosions of violence on our streets is [sic] the No. 1 issue among voters polled by The Post; in the survey, nearly 30 percent of New Yorkers ranked 'crime/safety' as 'the most important issue' facing the city."  It's unlikely that any of the mayoral candidates will change the situation.  They're all Democrats, two are actively anti-cop, and the remainder will invariably be pulled into the vortex of pro-crime leftism.

Image: Twitter screen grab.

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