New York Democrats realize their politics don’t appeal to minorities

New York Democrats trying to figure out why minorities are rejecting all those marvelous progressive policies that White leftists are imposing upon them. Shocked by Eric Adams’s successful race to be the Democrat candidate for mayor, the New York Times’s Lisa Lerer examined the fact that progressives – that is, the hard leftists among the Democrats – aren’t winning over minorities.

Lerer’s analysis begins with Adams explicitly denouncing the policies that leftists from DeBlasio to AOC are promoting:

In a contest that centered on crime and public safety, Eric Adams, who emerged as the leading Democrat, focused much of his message on denouncing progressive slogans and policies that he said threatened the lives of “Black and brown babies” and were being pushed by “a lot of young, white, affluent people.” A retired police captain and Brooklyn’s borough president, he rejected calls to defund the Police Department and pledged to expand its reach in the city.

Black and brown voters in Brooklyn and the Bronx flocked to his candidacy, awarding Mr. Adams with sizable leading margins in neighborhoods from Eastchester to East New York. 

Adams’s success is not anomalous, writes Lerer. Instead, it points to

a disconnect between progressive activists and the rank-and-file Black and Latino voters who they [i.e., progressive activists] say have the most to gain from their agenda. As liberal activists orient their policies to combat white supremacy and call for racial justice, progressives are finding that many voters of color seem to think about the issues quite a bit differently.

I could have told Lerer why: It’s because every progressive policy that the left implements hurts American minorities. Open borders take jobs from those Blacks and Hispanics who were born here or are here legally. They crowd American minorities out of their neighborhoods and flood them with gangs. The George Floyd riots destroyed minority neighborhoods. Abortion offends Hispanics and most minorities aren’t in love with the whole LGBTQ+ madness.

But most importantly, as Lerer admits, the “defund the police” and “end cash bail” policies that those “young, white affluent people” have achieved have caused crime in every Democrat-run city to soar. Moreover, if you drill down, the rates aren’t soaring in White, affluent neighborhoods. They’re soaring minority neighborhoods. For all the Leftists’ talk about White supremacy, feral minorities have taken advantage of progressive policies to attack their law-abiding minority brethren.

It no doubt resonated with New York’s minorities that the man who almost shot two kids to death in the Bronx, just because they got between him and his intended victim, was a man with “an extensive criminal history, with five arrests including attempted murder, robbery, conspiracy, criminal possession of a weapon and revenge porn. He is on parole through 2023 for a conviction in a Harlem shooting that was nearly fatal.” What’s even more shocking is that his parole wasn’t revoked even though he was arrested in January for robbing someone at knifepoint in the subway.

As I said, you and I know this intuitively. Lerer, however, had to talk to Hakeem Jefferson, an assistant professor at Stanford, who said “Black people talk about politics in more practical and everyday terms.” Ya think? After all, it’s minorities who must live with the consequences of academia’s dangerous, crackpot theories.

The article is honest about Trump’s huge gains with minorities – something that should cause sensible people (to wonder how Biden could have a huge drop-off in the minorities so necessary to Democrat victories and yet still win. There’s something funny going on there if you pause to think about it.

It’s true, Lerer notes, that young minorities are more likely to be leftists. That, of course, is a consequence of indoctrination in education. Lerer writes that “Younger voters and those with college degrees are more likely to trend left than their older parents.” As people get further from the schools and deeper into living their lives, reality is going to hit them in the face when they’re mugged, their kids shot, their fuel prices unaffordable, or the jobs sent to China.

While Progressives try to figure out where they went wrong, Republicans must capitalize on what they got right. One of Trump’s genius moves was to recognize that Democrat policies are so bad that minority votes are in play. As Democrat policies get even worse, Republicans ought to be beating down the doors to talk to Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities.

After all, to conservatives, Blacks and Hispanics aren’t weird, fragile people who need special policies that isolate them from America. They are part of the great American tapestry. Conservative policies – Trump’s policies – benefit all Americans, regardless of race, color, creed, or any other artificial distinctions.

CORRECTION: An earlier edition of this post referred to Eric Adams as the "Republican" candidate. He is, of course, a Democrat.

IMAGE: Black Trump supporter in a MAGA hat. Photo by Black Trump Supporters. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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