NeverTrump-lite Wall Street Journal, meet Barbara Comstock, NeverTrump hardcore

The Wall Street Journal, in a June 10 editorial, "Barr, Garland and Lafayette Park," published a curious way of referring to the mendacious, mean-spirited anti-Trump media.  The editorial, citing false reports of vote manipulation by the U.S. Postal Service under President Trump, the wrongheaded attacks on the former president discounting the Wuhan lab leak origins of the coronavirus and, finally, the government report absolving Mr. Trump of responsibility for the June 1, 2020 clearing by force of protesters in Lafayette Park — all these false reports were gathered by the Journal under the umbrella of "anti-Trump folk wisdom" that was "willed into being" by "[t]he liberal establishment."  (What, pray tell, is "liberal" about the deep state and its media lackeys?)

Let it be made clear: a false report in a newspaper constitutes an intentional act of willful deception of its readers.  That is what Pravda in the former Soviet Union was all about: willfully deceiving the Soviet people of political reality for the purpose of maintaining totalitarian control over them.  Eventually, this willful deception caused rust to form on the Iron Curtain, which then fell apart in 1989.

The term "anti-Trump folk wisdom" is a most peculiar way to describe the media's rush to publish lies about Donald J. Trump.  The reader is left to infer that the phrase could mean there is something rotten in the country's newsrooms.

But in another June 10 Wall Street Journal editorial, June 10, "The Capitol Riot and the Pentagon," the Journal, in the last paragraph of this editorial, removes its gloves to show the anti-Trump fists underneath: "Donald Trump bears moral responsibility for the disgrace of Jan. 6."  The Journal, slyly, has moved from accusing the former president of direct responsibility for whatever "Jan. 6" (always with the month abbreviated) means in the minds of the editorialists to "moral" responsibility, the updated qualifier at the Journal for "responsibility."  Here, too, "moral" leads to a Pandora's box filled with anti-Trump jargon, whatever that jargon means.  The key to all this is the vituperative "anti-Trump."  Therein lies the source of NeverTrump-light thinking, or hardcore NeverTrump hatred and loathing.

There is no propaganda outlet better than The New York Times as a source for anti-Trump hatred and loathing.  Behold the June 10 op-ed from Barbara Comstock, identified as a Republican from Virginia who, for two terms, was a member of the House of Representatives.  Her op-ed — sorry, that term has been purged — her guest essay is titled "My Fellow Republicans, Stop Fearing Trump."  (First thought: How long will she remain a Republican?)  In the first paragraph, the former president is dismissed as "the patron saint of sore losers."  Before the opening paragraph ends, Comstock decries "his attempted subversion of democracy in the run-up to the Jan. 6. [again, the abbreviated form of the month!] riot at the Capitol."  Note that here, too, as with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Trump is not charged with directly fomenting that "Jan. 6 riot."

Ms. Comstock conjures up illusory visions of a Trump conspiracy to overturn our democratic institutions and urges some kind of investigation of "Jan 6."  Unmentioned by Comstock are the circumstances leading to the shooting death by a Capitol cop (still unidentified) of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed demonstrator at the Capitol.  But, arguably, Comstock is not interested in the truth of "Jan. 6."  More likely, she is not interested in the disclosure that Mr. Trump had nothing to do with the tear gas used to clear protesters out of Lafayette Park one year ago.

For Ms. Comstock, "Mr. Trump's lies are red meat to those in the conspiracy world[.]"  Now, that is what the notion of "projection" by persons perhaps afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome is all about.  The illusory conspiracies foisted on the American people originate in the ranks of the NeverTrump hordes and their fellow travelers.  In the NeverTrump world, to ask questions about questionable procedures utilized in the presidential election of 2020 is to be a lying presidential-denier, part of the right-wing, white supremacist conspiracy against leftist hegemony.

But enough of focusing on the specious acrimony from leftist conspirators against Donald J. Trump from the moment he announced for the presidency, six years ago this month.

Let's conclude with an observation from President Biden, made in the course of his June 1 remarks in Tulsa on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre.  Mr. Biden said, "Only with truth can come healing and justice and repair."

It is more than fair to infer that only when the NeverTrump horde forgoes its campaign of deceit against Donald Trump and the tens of millions of his supporters, then the country can begin to heal and turn its face toward justice.  This suggests that President Biden should be the first to stop traducing the presidency and personality of Donald J. Trump.  Presently, Biden gives no indication that he will follow his oratory with positive action to heal our partisan wounds.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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