Mandatory body cameras for teachers, not just cops!

Thanks to Don Surber, I learned of a proposal from the Nevada Family Alliance to require teachers at government schools to wear body cameras. If this does not strike you immediately as absolutely necessary, take a look at this recording made by a student recently of a teacher badly abusing a student who objected to her LGBTQ+ indoctrination scheme:

The UK Daily Mail explains the body cam initiative coming out of Washoe County (Reno area), Nevada:

Nevada advocacy group is pushing for teachers to wear body cameras in the classroom to make sure they aren't teaching critical race theory in schools and indoctrinating students. 

The proposal came from the Nevada Family Alliance - a group that describes itself as a 'watchdog organization - at a Washoe County school board meeting this week. 

It is in response to a plan from the school district, which includes the cities of Reno and Sparks, to expand the K-5 curriculum and teach more about equity, diversity and racism.   

The alliance's suggestion for teachers to wear body cameras followed frustration from parents about the 'lack of transparency by teachers promoting a social justice narrative'. 

'Every day we are told of another incident where a teacher is violating the privacy of a student or contradicting the lessons taught by parents at home,' Karen England, founder of the group, said. 

'Creating a record that could be viewed by appropriate parties, if necessary, might be the best way to urge teachers to stick to traditional teaching.' 

The group believes the body cameras are a 'necessity'. 

'We expect that the teachers' unions will reject this proposal immediately. But we should ask, what do they have to hide?' England said. 

'If police do a better job interacting with the public when they are wearing body cameras, how much more important is it for teachers to do the same?' 

Karen England’s move to Reno from California, which is where I first met her years ago, is a definite plus for Nevada and a loss for the Golden State. She is a first-rate mind and is dedicated to the cause of properly educating children, and so I should not be surprised that she is the spark for this idea that should spread like a prairie fire. She has a much better chance of success in Northern Nevada than she would have had back in Northern California.

Cost is not an issue. This camera is available for $35 at

Don Surber makes an essential point about why we need body cams:

There are nearly 3 million teachers in America. We should not have to rely on kids taking videos in class to hold millions of teachers accountable.

You can expect the teachers’ unions to howl like banshees and throw around ridiculous objections, such as “academic freedom.” There is no such right for government employees teaching primary and secondary school children. They are not scholars pursuing new knowledge of value to humanity, they are instructors following curricula imposed on them by school boards. They may claim a right to “privacy,” but a government-funded schoolroom is not a private situation. It is a public event funded by taxpayers, who have a right to know what is taking place on their dime.

As Don notes, “

When it comes to teachers, trust but verify. Bodycams would protect them from false accusations, while protecting our children from abuse.

Just so. Many cops and their unions were skeptical at first about their bodycam requirements, but they have proven of great value in exonerating cops from false accusations.

So, does this idea have any chance? A couple of years ago, it wouldn’t have. But two events have changed that calculus. One is the advent of critical race theory, which has now poked the hornet’s nest. Miranda Devine:

The sleeping giant of the American Mom has been awakened and is “filled with a terrible resolve,” as Japanese Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto once said of the United States after his country’s attack on Pearl Harbor. 

These mothers’ watershed moment is the hateful cult of “critical race theory” which is being shoved down their children’s throats under the guise of “equity” and “anti-racism.” 

In reality, CRT is simply another version of a deadly old ideology that is Marxist and utopian in nature — only this time it seeks to divide people by race, rather than by class. 

What the mothers instinctively know, in school board meetings across the country where they stand up courageously to fight for their children, is that a poisonous form of brainwashing has crept into the classroom and it hurts everyone equally, regardless of race. 

They see their children divided into an “oppressor” class and an “oppressed” class based on the color of their skin. The white kids are the oppressors who are taught to hate themselves, and the nonwhite kids are the oppressed who are taught to hate the white kids. Those Asian, black and Hispanic kids who don’t agree that they are oppressed, who don’t want to be robbed of their agency and looked upon as victims, and don’t want to hate their white friends, are judged also to be suffering from the dreadful scourge of “whiteness.” 

Note that school board elections normally have just about the lowest turnout of any elections, which is why teachers’ unions have been able to elect school boards that will slavishly follow their desires. Get teachers to motivate their friends and family to vote, and they can win a low turnout election. But poke the Mama Bears (to switch animal metaphors) to defend their cubs, and you will see people turn out to the polls the way they are turnout out for school board meetings now.

The second watershed event has been to totally unnecessary shutdown of schools in most states, which has cost the teachers’ unions whatever credibility they had with the public. Many working moms and dads have had their lives disrupted by the necessity of staying home with their kids. They’ve also seen via zoom what kind of crap is going on in the classrooms that were invisible to them before.

Conservatives need to start organizing and donating to the cause of requiring body cams for teachers. It’s an idea whose time has come. This might be the single most effective way to combat classroom indoctrination into CRT and other leftist manias.

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