Looking at what we thought we won in 1945

Yesterday was the 77th anniversary of D-Day.  Many people think of World War II in terms of battles won or lost, ground lost or gained, terrible deaths and miraculous moments of survival.  However, World War II was also the clash of two ideologies.  On the one side was Hitler's variation on socialism, one that allowed for some private ownership in a totalitarian state.  On the other side was the concept of individual liberty birthed in England and given full meaning in America.

While Hitler lost, America didn't necessarily win.  Socialism survived in the Soviet Union, China, Latin America, Africa, and Europe (in a soft form), and it is aggressively alive on American college campuses.  Because the battle rages on, let us remember what it was that our Greatest Generation fought and died for, from the deserts of North Africa and the beaches of Normandy to the gates of Berlin:

The freedom of Jews to live their lives in peace without fear of persecution or violence in the streets.

The freedom from violence by Brownshirts who would terrorize and beat our citizens into submission.

Peace and freedom from the pillaging and blitzkrieg of our great American cities by evil forces. 

A government that does not pursue and persecute minor offenders while allowing savages to roam free.

A government that preserves electoral integrity and does not seek tyrannical control of elections.

A government that does not actively engage in or promote blatantly hostile and racist ideologies.

A government that promotes peace and domestic tranquility under the rule of our just laws. 

A Fourth Estate dedicated to the free flow of information with the objective of a well informed electorate.

A government dedicated to the preservation of our treasured heritage, culture, history, and art.

A government dedicated to the well-being of our children and the principle of enlightened education.

A government that promotes true freedom, justice, and liberty for every American citizen.

A government that does not politically weaponize its many institutions against We The People.

A government that does not seek to disarm its law-abiding citizens and make fighting tyranny infeasible.

A government that does not seek to turn our Armed Forces into a politicized paramilitary wing.

In 1945, we Americans believed that we had established those principles.  Now, in 2021, we must ask ourselves, how has all that been working out so far?  It was a nice run, anyway.  Who saves us from tyranny?

Image: Into the Jaws of Death – D-Day 1944.  Public domain.

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