Life at a woke company

I work for a woke company, and it is an alternate universe.  Employees of woke corporations are exposed to the woke narratives every single day.  It's as close to brainwashing as I could ever have imagined.  I now understand how Millennials have become militant social justice warriors, for they are accustomed to the constant narratives and take them as righteous and true.

Presently, because June is Pride Month, the company communications include rainbow banners proclaiming our support of gay pride and gay "marriage."  Gays get a whole month of our attention, in a way.  I say "in a way" because we do not change any of our actions, but we are still lauded for being inclusive.

A couple of months ago, the messaging supported transgenderism and other "isms" that were new to me.  Before the isms, it was months of the false racist theme of police killing blacks.  Management went about apologizing for being white racists.  Blacks were encouraged to share their victimhood.

The focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion has stolen untold hours of company time from actual work performed.  The DEI narrative is so one-sided that it is completely the opposite of standing for diversity and inclusiveness.  Yet more and more corporations like mine are conforming to wokeness with new D&I departments.

For me, the line was crossed when our communications director stated that the worst day in our country's history was the January 6 Capitol "insurrection."  Our communications director said this even though everyone in corporate management must realize that Trump supporters are in their midst and in big numbers.

After all, during 2020, the strangest election year in history, Trump-supporters packed his rallies across the United States while Biden and Harris had nearly zero supporters anywhere.  The boaters in support of President Trump packed the waterways making spectacular displays of patriotism.  We are out there, and there are a lot of us.  Nevertheless, as employees, we know that if we speak out and say "but Trump," we will lose our jobs.

Then again, maybe these companies should recognize the fact that many of us are ready to bail.  Why should we work to make these woke companies successful when they go against our values?  They sure don't care about us as customers.

Remember when corporations believed that the customer was always right?  Perhaps the woke corporations should rethink their focus and return to making their companies great again.

Where are the corporations that value hardworking, competent employees without feeling the need to sell the woke propaganda that we aren't buying?  Because we are here and available.  The election was stolen from President Trump, and Epstein didn't kill himself.

Bob Smith is a pseudonym.

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