Let’s drop progressives into the black hole they’re trying to dig for us

The “progressive” left has done us a solid. I just want to be humble and thank them. They didn’t have to do it. They just couldn’t resist. They acted like kids in the candy store. Or, more accurately, low-intelligence looters at Best Buy. We passively gave them permission to smash-and-grab control of the country, without immediate consequences. How on earth could they resist that temptation?

Instead of continuing, stealthily and incrementally, to move toward their goal of a Marxist takeover in America, an idea that powerful forces have been surreptitiously nurturing for at least 50 years, they let loose and enjoyed pillaging. Having grown up in the “me first” generation, they wanted it all, right now. After all, they held all the power! With Kamala as the deciding vote, they had both houses of Congress. They had the Presidency, and the Supreme Court had already abdicated responsibility for defending free elections. All they needed was to purge the military, and they could be unstoppable. Why not go for it?

In their arrogance, they thought they would pass HR 1 and SB 1, change voting “rights” and, finally, never again be irritated by a pesky free election. They would simply keep running the same con, over and over, and the deplorable American public, whom they disrespected and discounted, would bow down.

If they needed further incentive for people, throwing some cash out of the window of their limo to the assembled throngs -- by paying their rent, postponing their mortgages, adding child care credits and supplemental pandemic income for the unemployed (which is apparently, finally, ending) -- would solve the problem. Having taught everyone that obedience to the State is the only way to stay safe from COVID, they could extend that to all other aspects of life before anyone mustered the wherewithal to object.

They almost succeeded, but they’re not going to be able to keep it up. They’ve woken the sleeping beast, and it’s now out of its cage. People are alerted, as their money buys less and less. Rampant inflation is being correctly attributed to misguided progressive spending policies. Massive illegal immigration is disrupting society. Violence in our cities (please, look at both versions of the linked travel video on Portland), homelessness, and mental degeneration, have grown, and are at a level that disgusts average Americans. People realize the medical establishment betrayed them when it censored cures that could have saved lives during COVID, and that it’s now censoring information about the ill effects the vaccines have on their children. Parents are shocked into action as they realize schools are teaching their children to hate one another, all the while keeping them in unnecessary, unsanitary masks.

Trust in our government is at a low ebb. HR 1 and SB 1 appear moribund, making the libs scramble to cling to power. We see clearly how justice has been perverted under leftist rule. We are alerted to the evils of Critical Race Theory and watch in disbelief as our top General touts it for the military. Even local news can’t avoid showing video of parents at school board meetings, actively railing against teaching Critical Race Theory to their children. And then there’s the embarrassment when parents dared read out loud the sexualized language contained in a book being taught to their 9th graders.

People will put up with a lot. Attacking our children and the family is the last straw and the biggest wake-up call.

People realize they have the power to act locally and purposefully. Running for school board seats has never had such profound meaning. This shall not stand, and new candidates are now focused, thanks to the progressives’ excesses.

We’re finally ending our long enforced hibernation, taking off our masks, and breathing in fresh air. It’s shaking the cobwebs out of people’s brains. The need to survive, much less prosper, has ended our lethargy.

Watch the campaign ad of Tina Forte, a brazenly proud American, her voice and language colored by life in the Bronx, and you’ll see how short-sighted and delusional the progressives actually are. They’ve forced us to focus the camera lens on real issues. They’ve forged, for us, a clear pathway to the future. Even the most conservative of us have to realize that the freedom to survive as a country depends on our rising now, just as our founding fathers did when they overthrew the rule of a foreign power 250 years ago. For us, the power is not foreign, but merely alien. Alien and antithetical to all the values we hold dear.

IMAGE: Loudon County parents standing up to a leftist school board intent on inflicting Critical Race Theory on their children. Twitter screen grab.

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