Jordan Peterson needs to get off my lawn

Dr. Jordan Peterson has the attention of many around the world, including America, with his psychological insights into the book of Genesis; his clear-eyed appraisal of the excesses of the left; and his three books, Twelve Rules for Life, 12 More Rules for Life, and Maps of Meaning.  His record of wise and careful thought lends to all his pronouncements a certain gravitas.

On May 29 of this year, he tweeted:

The conservatives have to sacrifice Trump and the stolen election narrative.  The liberals have to sacrifice DIE and CRT.  The road to peace requires its pound of flesh from both parties.

(DIE stands for "Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity," CRT for "Critical Race Theory".)

I think Dr. Peterson lets himself down whenever he opines on U.S. politics and most especially here.  He has been clear in condemning DIE and CRT as erroneous, divisive, and malign, yet he posits these philosophies as commensurate with support of our 45th president and a desire to thoroughly investigate our 2020 election.  How dare he?  To tens of millions of Americans, Donald Trump is objectively a stalwart champion of the Constitution, the country, and its citizens.  Yet Dr. Peterson here presents him as a should-be pariah, just the other side of the coin to a collectivist, racist, un-American, and hateful ideology.  By so saying, he slanders America, Trump, and us.  Peterson owes us all an apology.  Is he even aware of Trump's executive orders banning CRT from the federal government?

While Peterson is adept at describing the corruption of the state — usually archetypically referencing ancient Egypt — and recognizes the rot in the academy from the left, he is naïve, ignorant, or willfully blind when it comes to Washington, D.C.  He appears not to see that conservatives and regular Americans have been paying their pound of flesh for decades under both Republican and Democrat governments while the left advanced inexorably until Trump's arrival.  Peterson mistakes the Uniparty game just described as a hierarchy of competence and prescribes to us the sacrifice of the one man who was brave enough to throw sand in its gears on our behalf.  Peterson cannot apparently see the cardboard placed over the windows of the ballot-counting rooms to block the view of election-observers last year or that Biden was personally involved in Soviet-style political spying on Trump's campaign.  (Biden reportedly personally unmasked Lt. Gen. Flynn while V.P.)

Dr. Peterson is a Canadian.  One of the chapters in 12 Rules for Life is titled "Set Your Own House in Perfect Order Before Criticizing the World."  Last I checked, Canada was arresting pastors for holding church services, has little to no international clout or cachet, and re-elected as its premiere an effeminate and unimpressive scion who stated that his country has "no core identity" and was roundly humiliated by Trump in the negotiations of USMCA.

So do we "have to sacrifice Trump"?  The one politician with the spine and guts to confront the left, the swamp, and the globalists?  How about no?  How about Peterson heeds his own advice?  How about Peterson gets off our lawn and returns to chatting with Matthew McConaughey and selling some more mugs on his website?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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