Joe Biden's Chicago plan for crime set to be another big loser

In Chicago, the murder rate is skyrocketing -- and splintering off into some sickening new directions.

Such as the crime in this instance from yesterday:

Last June 30, Chicago police pursued a car allegedly used in a shooting earlier in the day. After the vehicle crashed, all of its occupants bailed out and ran. Cops arrested one of them, Angel Ayala, and allegedly found a loaded AR-15 rifle behind the seat he had been riding in.

But prosecutors declined to file a felony gun charge in the case. Instead, Ayala was charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct, and he went home from the police station on a recognizance bond, CPD records show.

Ayala, 22, went AWOL and never showed up for a single court date, prosecutors said Saturday as they charged him with shooting a tourist and murdering a passerby during last weekend’s Puerto Rican Day festivities.

And this instance from three days ago:

Jackson yelled that Earl "needed to learn how to drive and needed to be taught a lesson," then fired two shots from his car window and hit Earl in the chest in the 1600 block of South Kostner, prosecutors said.

Earl, of West Garfield Park, died at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Earl’s passenger gave police a description of the shooter and his truck, leading Chicago police officers to pull Jackson over later that day, prosecutors said.

Jackson was arrested after officers found a 9mm handgun in his truck and the shell casings matched those recovered at the scene of the shooting, prosecutors said.

Police said Jackson’s two children, ages 2 and 3, were inside his car at the time of the shooting.

Jackson has previous convictions for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance, prosecutors said.

And this instance from less than a day ago:

Gold Coast business owners and residents, watch out. There's a group of men who have been targeting shops and stealing merchandise.

There were similar burglaries in the afternoons on June 8 on East Delaware Place and June 13 on North Michigan Avenue near Superior.

In both cases, up to four men entered the store, grabbed purses and ran out. They hopped into a waiting car and took off.

And this instance, from March:

At least two Gold Coast high-rises in the same block along Lake Shore Drive have been damaged by gunfire in shooting incidents in mid-February and early Thursday, according to authorities.

Police were asking anyone who might have surveillance footage or other information about the gunfire to give detectives a call or provide an anonymous tip, according to a police alert.

These are far from the gang-on-gang violence reports in bad areas where lowlife and drug-dealing have the run of the streets. This is the kind of crime that's spilling into law-abiding areas with non-criminal victims with each instance having the knock-on effect of spreading terror.

What's Joe Biden's solution? Not to stop criminals, who clearly have zero fear of the law in the current climate. 

He's planning to spend COVID cash to target guns and gun dealers:

The federal government will deploy a group of so-called “strike forces” to major cities, aiming to increase enforcement on those gun dealers, and to try to cut down on illegal gun trafficking.

“Folks, this shouldn’t be a red or a blue issue. It’s an American issue,” Biden said.

More funding for law enforcement was included in the proposal, along with enhanced technological cooperation between local police and the FBI. Biden also promised that community-based anti-violence programs would be part of the plan, and cited Chicago programs as examples of what he intends to promote.

“A study found that a program offering high school students in Chicago a good summer job, and an adult mentor and behavioral therapy, led to a 45% drop in violence,” the president said.

Chicago officials will work with the White House to track the progress of the program, according to the White House.

And rather expectedly, he's using 21-year-old data as the basis of his claim that 90% of illegal guns recovered in crime comes from 5% of gun dealers. Even the now-left-wing Voice of America has noticed the outdatedness of that Biden data:

The figures come from a widely cited study by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) that showed a relatively small number of firearms dealers accounted for a large proportion of crime guns traced by the ATF to their original licensed sellers.

ATF uses tracing to link a suspect to a weapon used in a crime and to identify gun traffickers. The bureau traces about half a million crime guns a year.

At the time of the study, there were more than 80,000 federally licensed firearms dealers and pawnbrokers in the country, according to ATF data. The study looked at about 56,000 guns traced to dealers in 1998, finding that 7.2% of all dealers with two or more guns traced to them were responsible for selling 89.5% of guns recovered at crime scenes.

Here's a far more significant and recent study:

A 2016 Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of prisoners who possessed or carried a firearm during their offense found that just 7% had purchased it under their own name from a licensed dealer. Among the rest, 6% had stolen it, 7% had found it at the crime scene, 43% had acquired it off the street or from the underground market, and 25% had obtained it from a family member or a friend or as a gift.

The gun-dealer crackdown is crap. Here are the more likely reasons crime is spilling over out of control in Chicago: Leftist prosecutors who don't prosecute. The Soros-financed Kim Foxx, running the Chicago prosecutorial shop is Exhibit A. Here's a Chicago Tribune report about her record when she's not hunting down phony race-hate crimes from mendacious fools like Jussie Smollett:

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is dropping felony cases involving charges of murder and other serious offenses at a higher rate than her predecessor, according to a Tribune analysis that comes amid a growing debate over criminal justice reform.

During Foxx’s first three years as the county’s top prosecutor, her office dropped all charges against 29.9% of felony defendants, a dramatic increase over her predecessor, the Tribune found. For the last three years of Anita Alvarez’s tenure, the rate was 19.4%.

In all, a total of 25,183 people had their felony cases dismissed under Foxx through November 2019, up from 18,694 for a similar period under Alvarez.

Note that the first creep in the four crime examples cited above got let out by cops who declined to jail him, sending him off to go shoot a tourist and kill a bystander even though the cops had plenty to charge and jail him with back in the car crash incident. They let him out, and off he went to kill an innocent woman walking down the street. Note that the second creep had a long criminal record, and did his crime right in front of the small children in his own car, a sign of some amazingly practiced callousness. The third group of creeps cited clearly have no fear of police and have had time to hone their organized crime "skills" with little to worry about from police surveillance. Problem two is police who won't police. Officers are now retiring at their desks, waiting for their pensions rather than stick their necks out. They declined to jail the freak in that first instance because why bother when the prosecutor is just going to let them out?

This comes as a result of the demonization of police forces, derived from the instance in distance Minneapolis surrounding George Floyd, which the Chicago cops had nothing to do with. The mayor’s proposed budget includes an $80 million reduction in tax dollars going to CPD, but only about $34 million will come from cuts in vacant positions, according to figures provided by the Mayor’s office to City Bureau and Injustice Watch. The rest will either be offset by grant funding or will be reallocated to the city’s Office of Public Safety Administration to fund clerical jobs once held by cops.

So they're forking over police enforcement money to do-nothing social welfare bureaucrats and refusing to hire new recruits. That's very bad news because Chicago has one of the nation's biggest police retirement rates. Cops are taking their pensions and fleeing in droves, some to other departments in the city, some to police departments in other places, and some to the fishing hole. According to the Chicago Sun-Times in a report dated June 18:

More Chicago police officers have retired this year than in all of 2018.

That’s according to the latest figures from the police pension board, which show that, from January through June, 363 officers have left the Chicago Police Department, and another 56 are expected to retire in July.

“We are on track, I believe, to have one of the highest retirement numbers in the city’s history,” says Ald. Ray Lopez (15th), a frequent critic of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

The department — which has roughly 13,000 sworn officers — had 560 retirements in all of 2020, 475 in 2019 and 339 in 2018.

And for cops it's bad out there, they have their reasons for making their exits:

John Catanzara, president of the Chicago police union, says there’s also been an exodus of young cops who haven’t been with the department long enough to qualify for retirement benefits. Some have fewer than 10 years on the job but want to move to other police departments because they’re “absolutely miserable,” according to Catanzara.

He says those young officers take leaves of absence until they can get hired elsewhere because they’re sick of working 12-hour shifts, having days off canceled and being under what he describes as a constant threat of punitive action.

“You are literally treated like a rented mule and ridden until you can’t go any more,” the union president says. “Today’s hero, tomorrow’s zero.”

And it doesn't help that Chicago's insane-ish mayor, Lori Lightfoot, a leftist woman clearly in over her head, is constantly fighting with the police and the police unions in Chicago. Last May:

The [Chicago Frateral Order of Police police officer's union] FOP recently issued a vote of no confidence in Lightfoot and police Superintendent David Brown.

Lightfoot, who previously called Catanzara a “clown” and a “total fraud,” told reporters she’ll wear the vote like a badge of honor.

She's lovely. Actually, she fights with everyone who asks an uncomfortable question. Here's her snappish fight with a NewsMax reporter just yesterday. Not surprisingly, Chicagoans are moving out, voting with their feet to get the heck out of Chicago, which has become a crime-infested hellhole:

CHICAGO, Ill. (WBBM) - Nearly twice as many people moved out of Illinois last year as those who moved in, according to the latest migration study from moving company United Van Lines, ranking the Land of Lincoln as No. 3 among “Most Moved From States” in 2020.

Approximately 66 percent of United Van Lines’ moves in Illinois last year were outbound, with only 34 percent inbound, according to their annual study.

New Jersey topped the list, with 70 percent of moves outbound, followed by New York, with 67 percent outbound.

Illinois’ ranking actually improved slightly from 2019, when the state came in at No. 2 among “Most Moved From States.” Illinois has topped that list as recently as 2017.

Chicago, Joliet, and Lake County also ranked among the top 25 metropolitan areas nationwide for outbound migration. Chicago came in at No. 6, with 69 percent of moves outbound; Lake County was No. 10 with 68 percent of moves outbound; and Joliet was No. 12, with 67 percent of moves outbound.

Who'd want to live in a place where crime is not reliably enforced? It's actually a sea change, given that in the past, one could always expect that if you called the cops, they'd come and catch the crook. These days, these things are not happening, even when the crimes are brazenly done, are egregiously horrible, and are easy to match with laws on the books. Today, none of those things can be relied on to work for people who become victims of violent crime. Which brings us back to Joe, who says the problem is guns. His 21-year-old plan is to target gun dealers instead of left-wing DAs who refuse to prosecute, and police who feel so embattled they decline to catch crooks out of simple self-preservation is where the real problems are. Joe just sees guns. Like everything else he does, he's going for a Leonid Brezhnev-style solution, which is to pull down the shades and tell people to bump up and down on the seats to make it seem like the stopped train is moving, rather than coming up with real solutions. This will fail like everything else he does fails. He's so out of touch he can't even recognize that some things work and some things don't work, and root causes do mean something.   Not to him. He just wants to look good for the cameras by pretending to be doing something as the media constantly flatters him.

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