Jews may be realizing that the Democrat party is not their friend

I have access to a Facebook group composed of strongly Democrat-voting Jewish Zionists.  It has been fascinating over the past six months watching them coming to come to terms with the fact that, no matter how much Democrats talk about "white supremacists," the only hatred for Jews and Israel is coming from people affiliated with the Democrat party.  This problem has accelerated for them in the wake of the recent fighting between Israel and her genocidal neighbors.

When I scroll through the Facebook page, more and more, these Zionist Democrats are posting things from conservative sites about the rising anti-Semitism in America or being forced to confront anti-Semitism in often celebrated members of their political party. Here's a sampling of what's they've posted about in just the past few days:

  • The accusation that progressivism caused the media to ignore entirely the anniversary of Israel's Six-Day War
  • Concern about the rising anti-Semitism in San Francisco, a city governed from the left.
  • Jewish Journal takedown of John Oliver for his attack against Israel.  Oliver is a darling of Democrats.
  • Thane Rosenbaum's attack on progressive politics with its relentless hatred for Israel and its strong support for an Arab people who oppose every progressive belief in America.
  • Kitty Hoffman's list of signs that anti-Semitism has long been rising in America, with many items on her list targeting ideas intrinsic to Critical Race Theory.  By citing this, Zionist Democrats are forced to confront the fact that the Democrats' support for CRT provides a foundation for anti-Semitism.
  • A Forward article castigating leftist — and New York Times darling — Thomas Friedman for being dangerously wrong about Israel.
  • challenge to the fact that the United Teachers of Los Angeles (the same leftist group that refused to return to the classroom) has suddenly weighed in on the Middle East conflict — against Israel, of course.
  • An open letter to another New York Times darling, Nicholas Kristof, attacking his anti-Israel positions.
  • An article describing how anti-Semitic Britain's Labor Party is.
  • The forum at which Bret Stephens, Bari Weiss, and Simone Rodan-Benzaquen talked about the mainstreaming of anti-Semitism, a talk that necessarily implicated the Democrats and that addressed the rising tide of minority anti-Semitism.
  • Daniel Greenfield's incredibly disturbing article about the anti-Semitism taking over Jewish studies.  Greenfield, for those who don't know, is a deeply conservative Orthodox Jew (and one of the best writers on the internet).
  • The conservative Gatestone Institute's article about the myriad problems with Biden's desperation to rejoin the Iran deal.
  • Pompeo's strong words about the Buhari government, which has done nothing to protect the 1,500 Christians slaughtered in the past six months.  (And surely my Democrat friends realize that the Biden administration has been silent.)

Several of them posted with approval Kathryn Wolf's The Screamers, in which she explained that, beginning in 2019, she was trying hard to counter rising anti-Semitism in Durham, North Carolina (a city that gave over 80% of its votes to Joe Biden).  Nobody in the Jewish community (which gave over 77% of its votes to Biden) wanted to acknowledge this problem.  And since then, she says, anti-Semitism is exploding — and every place she named (New York City, Alameda County, Columbia University, Brown University) is a Democrat redoubt.  Her point was that, at least in the circles in which she travels, if you're a Jew who fears anti-Semitism in America, "The cavalry is not coming.  We are the cavalry."  In other words, your fellow Democrats will not save you when the anti-Semitic mob beats down your door.

These Zionist Jews were deeply upset a few days ago at the way Rep. Ilhan Omar put out a tweet accusing Israel of "crimes against humanity" and the perpetrators of "unthinkable atrocities."  Yesterday, though, they were pleased that the House's Democrat leadership issued a legitimately good statement about Ilhan Omar's deplorable equivalency:

However, what my Jewish friends didn't mention is that only 12 Democrats out of the total of 219 Democrats in the House joined in.

On June 1, Joe Biden, the man my friends, like 77% of their co-religionists, desperately wanted in the White House, spoke in Tulsa.  Although his focus was primarily on Blacks, he managed to throw in a nod to "the various hate crimes against Asian Americans and Jewish Americans."  And then Biden said something that made sense:

I didn't realize hate is never defeated; it only hides.  It hides.  And given a little bit of oxygen — just a little bit oxygen — by its leaders, it comes out of there from under the rock like it was happening again, as if it never went away. And so, folks, we can't — we must not give hate a safe harbor.

What my Jewish friends are slowly being forced to face is that the Democrat party is the one providing tanks of oxygen to anti-Semitism, and turning each college, university, city, and county that votes Democrat into a safe harbor for the haters.

Images: Jews for Biden event poster.  Jewish Democrats.

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