In Washington State, leftist sex ed policies hit home

When I had school sex ed, a long time ago, it was a biology class teaching kids about the biological differences in male and female bodies.  (There were only two sexes then.)  It's changed over the years, with teenagers being taught how to apply condoms and about gay sexual practices.  In Washington State, though, it's gone beyond that.  Thanks to a referendum in the last election cycle, sex education is being dramatically expanded as a group of Tacoma parents discovered to their distress when their 8th-graders received a flyer that essentially instructed their kids how to avoid statutory rape problems, get birth control, get treated for STDs, and have abortions.

The story broke in Tacoma, Washington, a mid-size port city in the Puget Sound.  And while the story is a week old, I saw it only now, so I'm sharing it now.  Parents were outraged when their 8th-grade students came home with a Planned Parenthood flyer explaining that, once kids are tweens, they're pretty much on their own when it comes to sex in Washington.  The flyer, printed in a format familiar to any American classroom, offered the following "helpful" information:


The age of consent is [illegible but, as a matter of law, it's 16]. It is not a crime if you are…

  • 11 and have sex with somebody 2 years older or less.
  • 12 to 13 and have sex with somebody who is 3 years older or less.
  • 14 or 15 and have sex with somebody who is 4 years older or less.

In other words, if you're 14, don't have sex with that cute little 11-year-old!  And if you're 11, stay close to your own age group when you give up your virginity.

Other sections advised the children that they could get birth control and Plan B emergency contraception at any time without their parents' involvement; that if they were 14 or older, they could get STD and HIV testing without a parents' involvement; and that, when it came to abortion, "you do not need to get permission from your parent or guardian at any age."  (All pedophiles welcome to Washington State!)

Parents were livid that their children were being given explicit information about circumventing their parents and family values to have sex and get abortions.  The school apologized and explained that the material wasn't "approved," but that really wasn't the issue.

If you look at a 2020 election map of Washington, you can see the huge blue circle of leftist voters around Seattle.  As with all Democrat states, geographically, states are conservative, but the urban areas dictate policy and presidents.  That's how "Referendum 90" came into being.  According to The Post Millennial:

In the last election cycle, Washington voters approved Referredum 90 [sic], a graphic state-wide, sex ed curriculum created and endorsed by Planned Parenthood and radical activist organizations.

Informed Parents of Washington, objected to the early sexualization of children in the curriculum, as well as the graphic material and warned of the possibility of grooming young children for early sexual experiences.

This incident followed the "Free The Pill" campaign, which attempted to allow children to get over-the-counter birth control pills. Reportedly, the campaign wanted children as young as 11 for studies.

Leftists want your children, and sex is the way to get them.

This is another reminder in a year of clarity: leftists are focused and engaged and will turn out at the polls.  (And, as I suspect, many of them will augment their own turnout by voting for others, some dead, some fictional, etc.)  In the past, conservatives have been passive.  Too often, they can't be bothered to vote because life is busy, and it takes a while to wade through leftist initiatives to understand what's going on.

That kind of passivity, though, must end.  If you want leftism out of your children's classrooms — no more Critical Race Theory, no more sex ed that would make a 19th-century courtesan blush — you must vote.  Even more, you need to run for local offices.  Until conservatives get on school boards and town councils, and into their local mayor's office, nothing will change.  We'll whine, but leftists will act.

Image: Human Growth (1962), a time when there were only two sexes.  YouTube screen grab.

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