In dealing with the left, a life lesson from a liquor store

The left's work culture makes many demands on Americans.  We are coerced to contort our grammar to accommodate gender theory.  We are instructed to accept promoting some people and demoting others based on race.  We are commanded to declare that our nation is evil and systematically racist.  Many years ago, more years than I care to tally, I faced a demand that forced a choice on me, one that illustrates our collective situation.

I was working as a liquor store night clerk in east Hollywood when two very large men entered and sauntered up to the counter.  "Give me that bottle of Remy Martin VSOP," said the smaller of the large men.

I sat the bottle on the counter and announced the price.  "$32."  The potential customer was not reaching for his wallet, so my hand remained on the bottle.

"I said 'give it to me,' not 'how much does it cost,'" he barked, throwing his shoulders back and his chest out.

I replaced the bottle on the shelf and looked him in the eye.  He looked at his associate and then back at me.

"Are you stupid or crazy?  I said give me the f------ bottle," he said menacingly, through gritted teeth.

"I would love to give you the bottle, but it's not mine to give.  This bottle, like every bottle in this store, belongs to my boss."

"If it don't belong to you, what do you care?"

"This illustrates our divergent worldviews.  In my world, I can't give you something that doesn't belong to me."

He stood silently for a second, looked again at his associate, and rotated his shoulders as though he was getting ready to throw a punch.  I reached under the counter and grabbed a short length of three-quarter-inch pipe so that he could see I too meant business.

He took half a step back and weighed his options.  I took this opportunity to suggest a course of action that might serve us both.

"Block and a half down, other side of the street, is another liquor store, Cap N Cork.  Their prices are slightly higher, but I suspect that won't be an issue."  Both men turned and walked out the door.

What I told the ersatz customer about moral problems regarding transferring property without the owner's consent was only part of my reasoning in refusing to back down.  The more important and immediate issue was that of long-term safety.

If I had given the man what he demanded, he would be back with another demand when the bottle ran dry.  If the scuttlebutt in Little Armenia was that the night clerk at Acme liquor store is a coward, the gang members and unaffiliated miscreants would be lining up to profit from the situation.

A similar dynamic is at work within our society when it comes to the demands the left makes, even those that seem minor and inconsequential.  To refer to a man as a woman, or vice versa, based on that person's misconception about reality may seem polite and amiable, but it is neither because it demands we accept something we know to be untrue.

When we are asked to accept that benefits are given to some but not to others based on the beneficiary's race, which is what the Biden administration proposes with its most recent COVID relief package, we cannot acquiesce.  If the government can reward some and punish others based on race, we will be back in a new era of Jim Crow.  While the Jim Crow of the 20th century was largely limited to one geographic region, this Jim Crow will be inescapable in its reach and power.

If we kneel before the woke mob and declare that our nation is evil and systemically racist, we cease to be the nation founded on the Declaration of Independence and governed by the Constitution, all of our founding principles are annulled, and we start over with the worst possible people leading us into a wilderness.

If we surrender to the left's coercion, and we comply with what we know to be untrue and immoral, the next step is "equity."  Just like the two men who felt they deserved the VSOP, there are millions of people who are convinced they deserve more than they have, and, rest assured, there are politicians who are willing to give it to them.

What we need at this moment in history is politicians who will take risks and mind the store.  Like a liquor store clerk, they must be mindful that the inventory is not theirs to give away, but rather belongs to the citizens.  Failing this, they should carefully consider what bowing down to the woke mob will entail.  Showing weakness to thugs only invites more thugs.

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Image: Bully by Keira Burton from Pexels.

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