Hypocrisy: Leftists decry Texas border wall as risk for mass shootings, ignore actual crime surge from unguarded borders

Is there any argument leftists won't use to keep the U.S. borders open and profitable for Mexico's brutal human-smuggling rackets?

Apparently not.  Here's what passes for "reporting" from the left-leaning Dallas Morning News.  The article lacks a "nut graf" and goes all over the place structurally, but its one-sided activist agenda is clear.

The headline and subhead sum it up well:

Border residents fear more violence after 'invasion' rhetoric by Texas politicians

This week, Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick took a page out of Donald Trump's playbook and likened the arrival of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border to an invasion. That worries people who lived through the El Paso Walmart massacre.

The article goes on to quote illegal aliens who say they are worried about "racism" in the country they insist on living in illegally, instead of fleeing as a racist hellhole.  The unintentional irony is amazing. 

And more to the point, the reporter apparently found some person or other who said he was afraid of a rare, mass shooting, by some psychological sicko, to make the argument that Gov. Greg Abbott's plan to build a border wall in the wake of a historic migrant surge needs to be called off.

So those border residents fear more violence, as the headline claims?  And that justifies halting a border wall as a result, leaving the border open with a White House that is refusing to stop the avalanche of crime that has come of it?

That claim doesn't explain much about the recent elections in Texas, where Texans of Mexican descent flipped hard for Republican candidates who vow to secure the border from illegal invaders who traffic in human beings and abandon them in the desert heat as a means of distracting the Border Patrol so they can ship illegal drugs across the border with zero consequences.  These monsters are committing strings of crimes against Texans living near the borderlands in order to get their evil job done, and forcing longtime Democrat voters in those areas to dump the open-borders Democrats to try to get some semblance of relief from the crime that inevitably comes in when unvetted criminals are allowed in.

Here's what's happening to Texas ranchers as a result of the migrant surge, according to the Washington Post:

Some degree of illegal immigration, human smuggling and organized crime has long been part of life in mesquite country, especially along the busy Interstate 35 corridor, but South Texas law enforcement officials say it has increased in recent weeks, and hazardous high-speed chases have become a routine occurrence in rural communities. Tiny law enforcement agencies, such as the one here in LaSalle County, act as a second layer of a border enforcement apparatus that tries to stop smugglers, drugs and undocumented immigrants [sic] before they disappear into big cities.

This increase has worried many local residents, and the debate over possible solutions often plays out on the Facebook pages of sheriff's and police departments, with views falling along already tense political lines. LaSalle County, where more than 87 percent of residents identify as Hispanic, has long been led by Democrats. But in the 2020 election voters backed Donald Trump, making him the first Republican presidential candidate in at least three decades to win the county.

Anyone who has lived in South Texas in the past 30 years can wax poetic about giving water to parched "walkers" or migrants of years ago, usually single men from Mexico looking for work. But the past four years of border policies make this feel different, residents of different political persuasions say. They are afraid that the border-crossers evading capture at the river — often while the Border Patrol is busy processing large numbers of migrant families and unaccompanied children — are ending up in the back of smugglers' stolen cars and threatening their safety.

Here's what the Border Patrol is finding among the numbers they do manage to catch, which is far from all of them, according to the New York Post:

Border Patrol agents in one sector of Texas have seen a staggering 900 percent increase in arrests of illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds since this time last year, according to Customs and Border Protection.

In a release put out by CBP Thursday, the agency said it had arrested 760 undocumented individuals since October in the Laredo sector of the Lone Star State.

That's up from 60 arrests in the same time last year.

The group includes gang members and sex offenders.

Compared to the remote possibility of a mass shooting by some deranged person who could go off for any excuse whatsoever, the very real crimes committed against residents on the border are being dismissed by these leftists as unimportant.  There likely is no hope for the Dallas Morning News, which doesn't seem to be capable of writing an honest, multi-sided story at all these days on the effects of the border surge.  It continues to use its platform for woulda-coulda-shoulda stories to spread fear of might-happens from activists with questionable sourcing, instead of report on the very real criminal activity in Texas that is fueling election shifts and drawing Gov. Greg Abbott to do the job the Biden administration won't do.

The bad thing here is that leftists will seize on this argument for propaganda purposes and promote this as its argument for halting the border wall, hoping some leftist judge will buy it.  It's hypocrisy in the extreme, and it ought to be exposed as such.  It's also bad, lousy, worthless reporting from incompetents who don't know how to do journalism.

Image: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, public domain.

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