Hunter Biden, booted and blacklisted from Chateau Marmont in 2018

Back when Joe Biden was shaking down fat-cat donors for cash and getting out there in his first moves to run for president in 2018, son Hunter, was having the time of his life.

No one in the press noticed this. But among West Hollywood's elite hoteliers, they knew, they knew it very well.

According to text messages found on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop computer, he conversed with an employee pal at the famed old grand West Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont, a celebrity redoubt he had been using as his flophouse, writing:

“Did you know that I have to get pre-approval from the GM at the Chateau before I am allowed to make a reservation?” Biden texted a Chateau employee. “Seriously I tried to stay there late last night and the Ass handing me keys when he read a note in the system that said under no circumstance am I allowed in bldg without her pre approval.”

The employee offered to check on Biden’s status and texted later with an update.

“Apparently you were banned for ‘drug use’ is what I was just told, which is bull****,” the employee relayed.

Then the following exchange occurred:

Biden: "Manager – GM – f*** them. It was so f***ing embarrassing. The two women at the drive were right there and said wtf. Drug use???? You have to be ducking kidding me. I was banned for drug use at the Chateau Marmont. You have to be f***ing kidding me."

Employee: "Lol exactly."

Employee: "Don’t stress. If you need anything just ask. Let’s grab a drunk soon."

No, he's not the first. And no, it's not a badge of honor. Hunter joined the likes of Brittany Spears who had been banned in 2007, and Lindsey Lohan, who had been banned in 2012, both for revolting behavior.

Based on its history, the hotel apparently tolerates a lot of drug use among its celebrity clientele, or at least did in the past, but quite possibly not these days, given that it was lovingly restored by talented entrepreneur Andres Balasz (who may well have been the GM if not someone just below him that Hunter was whining about). Regardless of who it was, such a hotel certainly wouldn't tolerate this behavior if it caused significant problems and drove away other guests. It takes a lot to get banned and thrown out of Chateau Marmont, suffice to say, but Hunter was apparently so appalling he managed to achieve it. He wasn't even allowed to retrieve his personal stuff, it was apparently so bad.

A look at his big-dollar memoirs from 2018, according to GQ, gives us some clues:

“I was acutely aware of the hotel’s more depraved history,” he writes. “It was part of the attraction.”

The Chateau Marmont is good for many things—a COVID bunker, a splurge vacation, spotting Keanu Reeves. For Biden, it turned into a pretty good place to cook crack: “I became absurdly good at it—guess that 172 on my LSAT counted for something.” The hotel bungalows offer privacy and fully functional kitchen amenities, whether hosting an exclusive dinner party for movie stars or boiling cocaine with baking soda. For Biden, cooking at the Chateau was much safer than what he was doing before, i.e. driving into dangerous parts of Los Angeles alone at ungodly hours for a fix. Instead, he settled into a steady rhythm of poolside highs. “I didn’t leave the Chateau’s lush hillside grounds for a week or more at a time,” he writes. “I cooked and smoked, cooked and smoked.”

Around this point, the GQ piece describes the time Biden snorted parmesan cheese off the hotel room floor. GQ then continued with what was the situation evolved to:

Eventually Biden left the Chateau to bounce around hotels and AirBnBs, trolling around LA between midnight and sunrise. He built a reputation, and hanger-ons started to roll through his luxury hotel rooms:

An ant trail of dealers and their sidekicks rolled in and out, day and night. They pulled up in late-series Mercedes-Benzes, decked out in oversized Raiders or Lakers jerseys and flashing fake Rolexes. Their stripper girlfriends invited their girlfriends, who invited their boyfriends.

When they finished, two or three days later, they’d walk out with the hotel’s monogrammed towels and throw pillows and comforter and ashtrays.

No hotel is going to tolerate that. Notice that the GQ account euphemistically says that Hunter "bounced around hotels and airBNBs," when the more likely thing that happened was that he was booted from every last one of them. Would this hotel, the elegant LaPeer, one of the hotels he stayed at in the aftermath of his Chateau Marmont blacklisting, tolerate an ant trail of drug dealers and sleazy hangers-on rolling in and out to "service" him? Look at the pictures: I say 'no.'

And why he even got in those places is worth thinking about, too. Number one, he had a lot of money, as those are all expensive hotels, and this doesn't include crack cocaine bills. Number two, his name was "Biden," the same magic name that got him all those board seats and multi-million-dollar payouts from state-linked oligarchs in China and Ukraine. Joe, of course, not only got him those gigs based on his political power, he repeatedly enabled him, according to multiple stories, when even that cash wasn't quite enough. And the people who let him into those places likely would have known, too, it was right there on his driver's license he used to register, assuming it was not suspended.

Around the same time Hunter's drug wastrel lifestyle was going on in West Hollywood, Hunter's fourth child, Navy Joan Roberts, was born that year to a stripper he had had a liaison, whom he refused to pay child support for. The baby-mamma then moved to Arkansas, and successfully took him to court for it. Hunter at the time of her pregnancy, though, had plenty of cash to throw around to put her on his payroll as a "basketball consultant." And two years earlier, he returned a rental car in Arizona loaded with drug paraphenalia. This past April, he racked up a $5,000-plus hotel bill for a stay at Hotel Jeremy in Los Angeles, one he hadn't gotten around to getting banned from.

One wonders if he's changed any, now that he's mysteriously moved out of his rented Venice, California apartment, a city famed for its drug dealers and homeless populations. New York Post columnist Maureen Callaghan wrote that she believes his memoirs signal that he hasn't changed any, and he likely remains a drug addict. This, despite the oodles of cash that are apparently rolling in from his new gig at creating "art," where his "masterpieces" with unnamed buyers, sell for $500,000 a pop.

The Chateau Marmont banning was not some long-ago event, but quite recent. The press was ignoring it at the time, particularly the corrupt aspect of it around how he was financing this lifestyle. It now continues to ignore the art sales, also born of political influence.

Should a loser like this have this much influence to do anything he wants and continuously get away with it? What are Hunter's bankrollers getting in return for this? Hunter's got quite a trail of recent destruction that needs explaining, not from him, but from the "Big Guy" himself.

Image: Acaben, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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