Hours after his extradition to US was approved, John McAfee found dead in his Spanish jail cell

Move over, Jeffrey Epstein.  Another high-profile prisoner has been found dead in his jail cell before his trial, with authorities claiming suicide.  John McAfee, who wrote the first commercial anti-virus software, sold the company bearing his name, and later urged customers to uninstall the software, was widely described as "eccentric."  He lived for a while in Belize but left that country in 2013 after being wanted for questioning by police over a murder.  He made and lost most of a fortune believed to have totaled $100 million.  McAfee was arrested in October last year at Barcelona Airport at the request of U.S. authorities over alleged income tax evasion and was being held in a prison in Barcelona, awaiting extradition, which had just been approved when he was found dead.

What makes the death so suspicious is that he had earlier warned against such an outcome.  The New York Post reports:

Software tycoon John McAfee, who died from an apparent suicide in a Spanish jail cell Wednesday, sent a cryptic tweet last year that if he was found hanged behind bars like Jeffrey Epstein, "it would be no fault of mine."

"I am content in here. I have friends," the eccentric entrepreneur tweeted on Oct. 15. "The food is good. All is well."

"Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine."

Even before his arrest, he was so convinced that U.S. authorities were out to kill him and make it look like suicide that he had himself tattooed and tweeted:

McAfee also warned against the Deep State:

I have no idea whether he changed his mind and killed himself or whether some plot extended to his jail in Catalonia and he was bumped off to silence him, but his warnings certainly are suspicious.

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