From mothers to birthing people

How can you tell that the Democrat Party is in total collapse?  Check out Secretary Xavier Becerra answering some questions from Congressman Tim Walberg: 

"Secretary Becerra, is there a reason the agency is using the term 'birthing people' — and that's the only spot I've seen in the budget — but the term is used 'birthing people' rather than mother in this context. Is there a reason?" Walberg asked.

Secretary Becerra explained it this way:

Thank you for asking the question in a thoughtful way, because it does require a thoughtful response. Congressman, as you and I know, there are individuals take for example a surrogate, who will not be a mother of that child. There are individuals who do not categorize themselves as being male or female, and what we want to make sure is that we're not excluding anyone when we use particular terms. Certainly, birthing person would include someone, a woman who considers herself to be a future mother.

This is more than insanity.  This is fresh evidence that the left is killing the Democrat Party.  Check out the video, and you will see that Becerra was uncomfortable in explaining his words.  He was probably afraid of the crowd showing up at this house and calling him guilty of "motherism" or whatever other "ism" applies.

What do we call fathers?  Sperm contributors?  No one called me that on Father's Day.

Maybe "woke" corporations will now add a "birthing people" section to the place where you buy cards for birthdays and other events.

Day after day, from attacking our history to attempting to destroy those things that unite us, the crazy left is pushing the Democrats closer to the edge of the cliff.  My guess is that most of them know that a backlash is coming because no sane human being would refer to a mother as a "birthing person."  They know that this craziness will bring out a backlash, but no one has the courage to stand up and tell the crazies to go to you know where and take all the "birthing people" with them.

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