EPA says it will declare a desert flower an 'endangered species' that could halt a mine necessary for electric vehicle batteries

The idiotic and expensive plans to force electric vehicles down the throats of drivers have run into an obstacle created by a law that environmentalists demanded.  You can't have electric vehicles without lithium ion batteries, and you can't build all those car batteries without a supply of lithium, which some warn will be inadequate soon.

The AP reports:

An extremely rare wildflower that grows only in Nevada's high desert where an Australian mining company wants to dig for lithium should be protected under the Endangered Species Act, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Thursday.

The agency outlined its intention to propose listing Tiehm's buckwheat as a threatened or endangered species as part of its belated, 12-month review of a listing petition conservationists filed in 2019. A federal judge said last month the finding was six months overdue and ordered the agency to render a decision within weeks.

The conclusion announced on Thursday that federal protection is warranted could jeopardize Ioneer Ltd.'s plans to build the mine halfway between Reno and Las Vegas.

It also ups the ante in an early test of the Biden administration's ability to make good on promises to protect public lands and their native species while at the same time pursuing an ambitious clean energy agenda that includes bolstering production of lithium needed for electric car batteries.

Tiehm's buckwheat (photo credit: Jim Moreland, CC BY 2.0 License).

"If the plant is so special that only the soils at the mine will do, it's already extinct, it just doesn't know it yet," one wag commented online.

If Joe Biden thinks electric cars and the Green Bad Deal are going to provide jobs for Americans, he'd better rethink lithium mining development.  Right now, this is where lithium comes from:


Lithium is far from the only problem that makes electric vehicle conversion plans a total fantasy.  Electricity production would have to vastly increase, and solar or wind just can't provide that kind of power.  Burn more coal?  Natural gas?  Nuclear power?

How about those new factories to build those cars and batteries?

Take a look at the greenie obstacles Elon Musk faces as he tries to build a huge new battery factory in Germany:

The whole program is a giant fraud that can never be accomplished.  The environmental toll for all those mines, power stations, transmission lines, and factories is so huge that they will never be permitted.  Then there is the whole issue of disposing of those toxic batteries when they reach the end of their useful lives.

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