Embarrassing: Jen Psaki's widely touted 'social media briefing' draws a whopping 1,100 viewers

Well, this is embarrassing.

Jen Psaki hosted her first "social media briefing," presumably for members of the public, and after a big buildup, only about a thousand showed up.

This wasn't for lack of trying.  There was the White House promo, seen above, which probably cost more than $1,000 to produce.

And just to make sure ol' Jen wouldn't be out there alone, a celebrity cavalcade of social media influencers were added to pad the numbers.  If viewers didn't want to see old Jen, they could always come to see their favorite "influencers."

What is this, a pop-tart band from Hollywood-for-Ugly-People?  Seems they've got a lot of white people there.  Where's the affirmative action?  With an ad like that, they could call themselves Jen & the Influencers.

Just one problem: It didn't work.

Just about nobody showed up.  The ones who did probably had to, probably the press and the participants' relatives.  Did you get riveted by the prospect of a Jen Psaki "social media briefing," whatever that is, based on what you know of the Biden team?  Me neither.

Here are some pointers for this pathetic failure of an event as to why nobody wanted to show up.

One: It's Jen Psaki, a press flak, someone who serves as a mouthpiece for someone else, answering questions as the presidential spokesperson so that the president doesn't have to.  In Psaki's case, she's speaking for a senile old fool who takes orders from someone else, quite possibly Jen herself, for sure, but far more certainly from a host of shadowy billionaire donors to Democrats, Susan Rice, Barack Obama, Ron Klain, possibly Kamala Harris, although she's pretty ditzy, Neera Tanden, power players like that who, if they threw a "social media briefing," might just draw a crowd.  Real power players do.  Mouthpieces don't.

Two, Psaki spews nonsense regularly, constantly contradicting herself as Joe veers from position to position, and defending the indefensible, the things that defy one's eyes.  There is no border crisis.  President Trump is a threat to democracy.  Dr. Fauci is wonderful.  COVID will kill you, global warming will kill you, COVID won't kill you, blah, blah, blah.

Here's a string of some of the recent nonsense from Planet Psaki:

Memo to Jen: If the reporter did indeed contact the cyber-criminals, he'd have the politicized Biden FBI all over him for collaboration with criminals.  Too bad that wasn't brought up.

Wonder how she's going to have to weasel out of that one.  Dr. Fauci is an albatross around Joe Biden's neck, and Psaki's pre-emptive declaration that Fauci's job is secure is a little idiot-minded.

Such high regard for the public. Carnival barkers talk like that.

I don't agree with Kasparov on everything, but he's got his chess-player hat on with this one, and his logic is unmistakable. He knows bee ess when he sees it.

But hey: Jen's one of the Beautiful People, and she's doing what Beautiful People do:

It's disgusting.  Who wants to attend blather like that?

Lastly, the Biden press operation is well known for taking pre-engineered questions and picking select reporters to get their "narrative" out there.  Those rigged press conferences basically just use audiences for window dressing while the real aim is defending whatever mess Joe made this week.  Who'd want to attend a fully rigged press conference — not as a member of the fawning media desperately willing to trade journalistic integrity for more access, but as a member of the mere public with no particular access?

No wonder so few wanted to attend.  Jen Psaki is nothing but a shill for Biden, and as well all know, shills are a dime a dozen, and most shill for free.  Why would the public want more of Jen?

Image: Screen shot from Twitter.

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