Does Curtis Sliwa have a chance to be the next mayor of New York City?

The media claim that the Democrat candidate who wins Tuesday's primary will be the heavy favorite to be New York City's next mayor, and the Republican candidate is not expected to put up much of a fight.  See this analysis from CNN:

The Democratic mayoral nominee is expected to be determined by mid-July and, with Republicans barely putting up a fight, is heavily favored to win the general election in November.

But Curtis Sliwa, the Republican candidate, may well fool the anti-GOP media (and the media are as much anti-Republican as they are anti-Trump.) 

The vote total, with the bulk of precincts (84%) reporting, would indicate that whoever is the Democrat mayoral candidate is a shoo-in next November.  Eric Adams, Brooklyn borough president and a former police captain, leads Maya Wiley, a leftist in the mold of AOC, with some 255,000 votes (32%) to 178,000 (22%).  Kathryn Garcia is third with 156,000 (19.5%).

These numbers are not impressive, considering New York City's population of some 8 million people, but they are huge, considering the puny vote in the Republican mayoral primary.  Guardian Angels founder and radio personality Curtis Sliwa trounced Fernando Mateo, 37,000 (72%) to 14,400 (28%).  When complete totals are in, it is doubtful that the two Republicans will draw more than 100,000 votes.  By these numbers, the outlook should be bleak for the moribund Republican Party in the City of New York.

Yet who is likely to be perceived by the public to be the law and order/quality of life candidate: any Democrat or Curtis?

Consider, too, that many "Democrats" are Democrats only for the purpose of voting in the Democrat primary, convinced that the Democrat primary determines the November winner.  Maybe Curtis will get their votes.  After all, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg won Gracie Mansion under the GOP brand.

These "Democrats" know that under the Democrat leadership of Bill de Blasio, law and order and quality of life have become huge problems.  Almost by definition, Democrats by their "defund the police" clamor have become the "don't bother with crime" party, and as for quality of life as an issue, just walk down Broadway and take note of the homeless people on the sidewalks of the West Side, or ride the subways and note the resurgence of poor people asking for handouts, or be subjected to harangues by self-appointed evangelists, or see "gymnasts" doing acrobatics on the overhead bars in subway cars, or check out the break-dancers in the cars, or the trios serenading with discordant melodies.  To ride the New York subways under this Democrat administration is to be afflicted with various forms of imposed entertainment.  

Curtis Sliwa might well be something of a character, but he knows New York City, he knows its problems — he knows that the Republican Party is moribund in the city, which needs an Augean Stables–type cleaning.  It is to be expected that Heavy Underdog Sliwa will campaign vigorously in all five boroughs of the City of New York.

Indeed, it is to be expected that as the Republican candidate, he will remind us old-timers of the invigorating mayoral campaign of John V. Lindsay, in 1965, 56 years ago.

House Republican Conference chairwoman Elise Stefanik, who is from upstate New York, should volunteer to be a huge booster of Sliwa for mayor and get the national GOP to rally round to support Sliwa, too.  Why should Republicans continue to concede the country's urban areas to Democrat misrule?

New York City deserves a two-party system.  For too long, city GOPers have done little more than serve as supplicants to the ruling Democrats, thankful for whatever crumbs were thrown their way.  Curtis Sliwa, as mayor, would not only lead the city in combating the current slide to woke-ism, but establish a Republican Party where it doesn't exist at present.  That was something the faux Republican mayor Michael Bloomberg had no interest in doing.  

Curtis Sliwa, is, quite simply, a true man-of-the-people candidate.  Let the banner of conservative populism be raised in the Big Apple; let the politically unthinkable become thinkable with Sliwa for mayor.

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