Day 83 of Kamala Harris's border czar caper, and a new round of migrant detention centers go up

Eighty-three days into Kamala Harris's tenure as Joe Biden's border czar, a slew of new border detention facilities are suddenly being constructed. Those are to house the growing wave of illegal border crossers. Seems that Harris hasn't been effective.

According to Breitbart News:

Construction is set to begin on temporary detention facilities at the Border Patrol’s Interstate 35 checkpoint and other locations in Laredo, Texas. The shelters are military-style general-purpose tents and can house 60 people per tent. Plans for the climate-controlled structures, designed only for short-term detention, do not include funding for contract personnel to staff the facilities.

According to a law enforcement source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Laredo Sector is accepting hundreds of migrant transfers from the Del Rio Sector. The source says nearly 100 migrants are transferred from Del Rio to Laredo, Texas daily.

Which doesn't sound like a success story for someone who's charged with halting the border surge, supposedly, by tackling root causes. Fact is, the problem is getting worse.

And here's the border surge problem by the Border Patrol's official numbers. These are the land-based southwest border "encounters."

  • January: 75,313 
  • February: 97,640
  • March: 169,204
  • April: 173,686
  • May: 172,011

This month, they're reportedly on track to surpass 180,000.

The surge is getting bigger, even as the hot summer months beckon.

Breitbart cites one reason for the likeliness of all the newly constructed detention facilities: Joe plans to rescind the Centers for Disease Control order that states that on the grounds of COVID risk in the time of the pandemic, unvetted migrants rolling in illegally need to be immediately sent back, (except, as Joe has determined, unaccompanied children, which is why the kid surge still goes full blast).

The other reason, of course, is that word is getting out, well beyond the Northern Triangle countries that Harris is supposedly focusing on. 

Notice that in March, the "other" nationalities category numbers surpassed those first of El Salvador, then did the same of Guatemala and El Salvador in May, and then surpassed all three Northern Triangle countries in May, meaning, Harris's focus on "root causes" in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala is kind of a horse-has-left-the-barn matter. The dominant category now fueling the surges is all the Venezuelans, Cubans, Indians, Nigerians, Haitians, and nationals from other countries coming across at Joe's invitation, something Harris is behind the curve on.

Every day Harris is on the job, the problem actually gets worse.

That's why Americans of both political parties are asking Harris to come to the border, that's why coming to the border is important. Yet, the more she's asked, the more she digs in vowing not to come. What would a company say to having a project manager as incompetent as this one? The more she stays on the job, the bigger the surge gets. It's time for Joe to fire this incompetent and appoint someone capable of getting results.

Image: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Office of Field Operations, government chart and official data // public domain

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