Capitol Attending Physician lifts mandate for masks on House floor for vaccinated members

Is mask theatre on the floor of the House of Representatives near the end of Act Three?  The Attending Physician of the United States Congress, Brian Monahan, now says so.  His post was established in 1928 "to meet the medical needs of Members of Congress."

Spencer Brown, of Townhall, believes this means that  

[v]accinated members of the House of Representatives will no longer be required to wear a face covering when on the House floor after the Capitol Attending Physician lifted the chamber's mask mandate Friday afternoon. 

"The guideline document reflects that fully vaccinated individuals may discontinue mask wear and 6-foot social distance separations in most situations consistent with the CDC revision regarding fully vaccinated individuals of May 13, 2021," explained the new guidance that came almost a month after the federal government decreed masks and social distancing precautions were no longer necessary for vaccinated Americans.

However, I wonder if Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, will allow his words to overrule her earlier insistence that members remain masked on the floor, even after CDC guidelines stated that vaccinated people need no longer wear masks indoors.

I suppose it comes down to minimizing her embarrassment.  Her constituents in California still must wear masks indoors in public places, as her fellow San Franciscan and distant relative Governor Gavin Newsom clings to his emergency powers beyond his promise to end them.  But keeping the mask mandate operative risks mass rebellion by members, who could cite Monahan's move and accuse her of not following the science, as she already did in shrugging off the CDC's advice.

She may miss the opportunity to color-coordinate her masks with her outfits.

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