Calif's Governor Newsom reneges on promise to give up his emergency powers on June 15

Governor Gavin Newsom of California does not want to give up the near-dictatorial powers he took in the name of fighting COVID-19, even though California has one of the highest rates of adult vaccination in the nation and has the lowest rate of new cases in the nation.  Caroline Downey of National Review reports:

During a vaccine lottery event Friday, Democratic California governor Gavin Newsom reneged on his promise to lift the state's emergency declaration after June 15, allowing him to retain the powers to mandate sweeping COVID restrictions.

"The one thing I am certain of is: There's uncertainty in the future," said Newsom. "The emergency remains in effect after June 15."

When asked for his justification for backtracking on his pledge to Californians, the governor responded, "Because we're still in a state of emergency. This disease is still in effect. It is not taking the summer off."

Remember when Donald Trump was derided as a mere game show host who "used the White House as a game show set"?  Nothing Trump ever did came close to the cheesiness of Newsom's Wheel of Fortune–like set, used to extend his dictatorship:

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

Lest you think "dictatorship" is an overstatement, Newsom has the power to change laws all by himself.  Via the L.A. Times:

Though the California Constitution gives the power to create laws only to the Legislature, a state appeals court ruled just last month that the 1970 California Emergency Services Act grants the governor the power to change state law during a crisis.

The three-judge panel of the Sacramento-based 3rd District Court of Appeal said the Emergency Services Act is constitutional because it provides only temporary powers and contains "an important safeguard." The court said that safeguard was a requirement that the governor, or the Legislature, proclaim an end to the emergency at the earliest possible date.

With many other states returning to normal, it would seem the "earliest possible date" requirement set by the appeals court for ending the emergency has already passed.

Last Friday saw a double-dose of absurdity from Newsom as he defended donations to his wife's "charity" that funds her making of films by companies with business before the state.  Sophia Bollag of the Sacramento Bee reports:

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday he sees no conflicts of interest in companies donating to his wife's nonprofit as they lobby his administration on policy.

A Sacramento Bee investigation published online Thursday found more than $800,000 in donations to the nonprofit Representation Project from companies that have lobbied the governor, including PG&E, AT&T and Kaiser Permanente. Those donations have helped fund Jennifer Siebel Newsom's six-figure salary at The Representation Project, which she founded to finance her documentary films and promote feminism.

Newsom said his wife has received global recognition for her work and that he sees no conflict related to the donations and his role as governor.

Does Newsom think this will help him defeat his recall?

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