Broken bodies are another fallout from Biden's open border policy

On Friday, Kamala Harris went to a border town in Texas as far removed from Biden's open border as she possibly could.  El Paso is quite far north and, since it's insulated from the hundreds of thousands of people pouring into Texas, the Democrats there still support the administration.  However, in one hospital in El Paso, things aren't so rosy.  Even in El Paso, there are enough illegal aliens falling over the wall that dozens of them arrive in the hospital with badly broken bodies (and we pay for their care and repair).

In El Paso, Harris got a rapturous welcome from Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Illegal Aliens), who gushed that it was an honor to have such a wonderful person visiting "America's new Ellis Island":

Frankly, I wouldn't mind it if El Paso were the new Ellis Island, run like the old Ellis Island.  When Ellis Island was functioning, every person who got off a ship had to pass through there.  People had to prove that they were healthy and either that they had enough money to support themselves or that someone else already in America would ensure that they did not become a public charge.  (That law, incidentally, is still on the books.  Trump enforced it.  Biden, who has turned into a one-man Legislature, revoked the rule based on that law.)  The same was true at Angel Island, in the San Francisco Bay, which was the port of entry for people coming from Asia.

At actual points of admission, you didn't just get to waltz in, laden with medieval diseases, and get free medical care, welfare, and a free education for your kids.  In addition, there was some effort in those days of more primitive law enforcement techniques to screen out smuggling, sex trafficking, and gangs.

It's not just that the illegal aliens pouring into America are damaging America.  (And they are.  Many are genuinely dangerous, and all are expensive.  Also, they provide a basis for Democrat political corruption by giving more House representatives to California, New Mexico, and Arizona because courts insist that they get counted in the census, and by providing a future cohort of Democrat voters.)

As I said, these illegals aren't just damaging America.  They're also damaging themselves.  There's the tragedy of women and children who are being trafficked, something the Biden administration is doing nothing to stop.  In addition, scaling the walls Trump built is proving to be very dangerous:

An exasperated trauma nurse in the border city being visited by Kamala Harris has revealed her hospital unit is now dangerously packed with migrants injured after leaping from the top of the US-Mexico wall.

Miriam Torres — who works at El Paso's University Medical Center — told that half her 30 beds are regularly taken by the illegals, who are suffering broken legs, smashed spines and shattered hips.

And she said the medical facility is so desperate for space that it is now issuing contracts to care homes to take in the injured migrants during the latter part of their treatment because it is so overwhelmed.

Torres, 39, said: 'Doctors come in now and just label the patients' charts BWF, standing for border wall fall. It's that routine these days. But it is putting a great strain on the unit.

'These people can often stay with us for up to six weeks, requiring at least two surgeries and an incredible amount of medication.'

She added: 'When Joe Biden took office, almost immediately we started to see the numbers increasing. It has been overwhelming at times.

'Frequently we have at least 15 of them holding beds. I can discharge two one day and the next have to admit three more. It's constantly revolving.

As far as the illegal aliens go, my sympathy is limited.  While I totally understand that they'd take advantage of Biden's open border offer, I still feel that they're assuming the risk.  (I don't feel the same about the children, who are pawns of adults, starting with Biden and his outrageous policies.)

My sympathy frankly lies with me.  Why?  Because I am paying for all those hospital stays, surgeries, and rehabilitations.  That is utterly unconscionable.  I owe these people nothing because they are not my fellow Americans.

Image: People climbing over the border wall. YouTube screen grab.

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