Biden sending in Samantha Power to clean up after Kamala Harris in Central America?

Here's an interesting take from veteran journalist Don Surber, under the headline: "WH sends someone to clean up Kamala's mess":

Kamala Harris's weak response to the border crisis — "do not come, do not come" — on a trip to Central America has led the Democrat White House to send a grown up there, Samantha Power.

Central American leaders worked with President Trump to stem the flow north. Biden put out the welcome mat. Biden's open borders policy irks the leaders of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. 

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei ripped the Democrat White House for weak messaging, in an interview on Fox. Hence the White House's quick action to call in someone from the bullpen.

Here's the AFP News item, which isn't getting a lot of play in the U.S. press.  I was able to find it on Google posted only on obscure third-world and small European country news outlet websites:

USAID chief Samantha Power will visit Central America on her first international trip since taking office as President Joe Biden's administration seeks to tackle root causes of migration, the agency said Friday.

Power, a writer and humanitarian advocate who held senior posts under former president Barack Obama, will visit Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala from June 13-17 and meet with civil society, government and business leaders.

She will also meet beneficiaries of US assistance as well as young people, members of marginalized groups and people affected by severe drought and hurricanes, the US Agency for International Development said in a statement.

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei ripped the Democrat White House for weak messaging, in an interview on Fox. Hence the White House's quick action to call in someone from the bullpen.

That makes what Surber said absolutely true.

What I'd add to it, though, is that Power has been working on this for a while.  It wasn't the result of a sudden realization from the White House that Harris is a lemon following her disastrous trip.

Here's the evidence of it — a May press release, here.  And some notes about that from my May 15 piece here.

Actually, Power has beavering away on this as administrator of USAID — her project to nation-build the migrant-exporting part of Central America.  She's doing the legwork and homework as one might expect it would be done.

Her coming mission to the three countries of the Northern Triangle is everything Harris's wasn't.  Based on the detail, it was the result of actual staff work, meetings, working details, gathering information — all things Harris has shown no propensity to engage in.  Harris just makes it up as she goes along and laughs off tough reporter questions, even from journalistic marshmallows such as CBS's Lester "fairness is overrated" Holt.

As Surber notes, she's from "the bullpen."  So it's not surprising.  Power lives and breathes this stuff.

Power is all in nation-building and cut her teeth during the Soros color revolutions of the 1990s, focusing at the time on genocide in Bosnia.

She's a policy nerd and a United Nations–loving globalist bureaucrat.  That's what she does; that's who she is.  She's got the Eurotrash sensibility down pat.  Being from Ireland, America for her is a convenient vehicle with lots of money to get that globalist Davos-style nation-building done.  It should be no surprise that she would know well how to do the staff work and administer the aid.

The USAID press releases all pay attention to this being part of the Biden-Harris agenda.  They're deferential.  But it's pretty obvious that Kamala has never been part of this.  Back when Power was reporting on genocide and winning Pulitzer prizes and palling around with U.N. official Sergio de Mello, Kamala was out there social mountaineering with San Francisco's Pacific Heights über-rich.  Or sleeping her way up with Willie Brown.  Talk about "geocide," "nation-building," even Rwanda was never in her wheelhouse.  And I doubt that the pair either know or like each other.  Harris is known to be well connected with Hillary Clinton and shares some of her personality flaws.  Power once called Hillary "a monster."

Power shows work being done...while Harris does photo-ops.

Yes, she's cleaning up after Harris.  Looking forward to the kind of long-term mistakes she makes.  They won't be like Harris's errors of public relations and laziness.

Image: Eric Bridiers, United States Mission Geneva via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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