Barf alert! Hagiography on steroids in 45-second video promo for Fauci documentary by NatGeo

Now that we know from his own emails that Dr. Fauci lied to us repeatedly, will National Geographic go ahead and release its planned documentary film on him?  Sales apparently have been suspended by publisher National Geographic for the planned 80-page, $18 book by Dr. Fauci that was to be published in time for Christmas giving.  The documentary seems to have been planned as part of the promotion for the book.

Based on the 45-second promotional video that NatGeo released last February, the documentary looks like an overdose of hagiography.  The treacly score alone is a giveaway, but the titles imposed on shots of Fauci's profile as he us being chauffeured around, reading important papers (emails?), tell us that he is being made into an idol.

Get your barf bag ready as you screen this:

Will the suits at National Geographic shelve this turkey?