Amazon deep-sixes pre-publication sales of Fauci's new book

On Tuesday, I noted that Dr. Fauci was publishing an 80-page book in November, just in time for the Christmas giving season, so that all his fans out there in Blue America could turn from reading the New York Times and Washington Post, turning off MSNBC and CNN, and read the Deep Thoughts of the demi-god the media have made of him.

Then came the FOIA emails, starting to reveal the real story of Fauci covering up the lab origins of COVID-19 and his own role in circumventing federal law banning gain of function research through a nonprofit cutout.  As the import of these emails started to sink in, Amazon suddenly and without notice made the forthcoming book disappear!  Instead, you now get little babies.

Here is what you get when you search for it on Amazon:


Here is a close-up of where it tells you the book is not available.

Brad Slager of RedState spotted it, and comments:

This is being announced by National Geographic Books, the publisher as well as the production outfit of an announced documentary on the doctor, as having been a premature announcement. This is, to put it politely, an amusing serving of PR spin. To put it impolitely, it is garbage excuse-making. Clearly there either was a case of conflicting information in the book, when balanced against the details in the communications, or there was an effort at purely burnishing Dr. Fauci's image and the hard facts coming to light are in conflict with that attempt — and probably both.

Keep in mind that Amazon's founder and big boss Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, which aggressively suppressed and ridiculed the suggestion that the Wuhan lab could have been the origin of COVID-19.

Update: Barnes & Noble is also not selling the book.  It looks as though National Geographic, the publisher, has pulled prepublication sales — for now.  We'll see if it returns.  That would be one indication of where Fauci stands.  What are the odds that the politicized DOJ would investigate him for perjury for lying to Sen. Rand Paul that there was no gain of function research in Wuhan financed by taxpayers?

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