A massive surge in COVID vaccine deaths

A month ago, Tucker Carlson raised concerns over the unusual number of deaths associated with the COVID vaccines.  Prominent "fact-checkers" immediately scrambled to discredit these concerns as "misleading" and "lacking in context."  FactCheck.org even went on to say, "it's wrong to suggest that reported deaths in the VAERS System database were all caused by vaccines," but Tucker Carlson never made this claim.

The news site Revolver provided context with a graph that showed an astonishing 3,000% spike in vaccine-related deaths.  Unfortunately, the article did not provide a link to the source, and the "Open VAERS" website is cumbersome to navigate.  Fortunately, the U.K.-based Daily Exposé provided a direct link to the CDC's interactive website, so I am forever in its debt.  I was so impressed with the website that I prepared a three-minute instructional video.  Share this video with your doctor.

Based on the CDC's data, reports of vaccine-related deaths and permanent disabilities have gone up 3,300% and 850% in 2021 (Graph 1).  This is even higher than the spike that Revolver posted ten days prior to my query.  We are currently only halfway through 2021, so this disparity may double by December.

Graph 1: Data compiled from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Some will dismiss this pattern as a "statistical artifact" due to vaccination of older people who were already closer to death.  But when the sample is limited to people under 40, their reported death and permanent disability rates surged 3,300% and 1,200%, respectively (Graph 2).

Graph 2: Data compiled from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Let that sink in: these vaccines appear to be killing and disabling large numbers of people who are in their prime — the very same people who are least likely to die of COVID.

FactCheck.org points out that "not all of these reports are verified."  But this is grabbing at straws because only a fool would dismiss a 1,000–3,000% spike in vaccine-related events as a massive surge in "coincidence" or false reporting.

The 2:07 point of the instructional video shows a 2,600% surge in deaths occurring on the day of vaccination.  The chart representing this data appears at the 2:30 point.  How many "coincidences" occur on the day of vaccination?

Most vaccine deaths happened within the first two weeks, but a significant number of them occurred two months later (Graph 3).  Perhaps more of these later deaths are "coincidence," but this graph provides only the time of death, not the process.  How many of these victims proceeded to suffer a slow, lingering death shortly after being vaccinated?

Graph 3: Data compiled from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

As you may well know, none of the COVID-19 vaccines is FDA-approved, and according to U.S. Code 360bbb, "expanded access to unapproved therapies" requires a complete lack of "comparable or satisfactory alternative(s)."  In other words, the presence of safe alternatives renders "emergency use authorization" of the COVID vaccines null and void.

The powers that be know they cannot forever suppress the truth about safe alternative therapies like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.  This explains their increasingly frantic efforts to get more people vaccinated.  How do these people sleep at night?

In the powerful closing scene from the 1961 classic Judgement at Nuremberg, repentant war criminal Ernst Janning confided to Judge Haywood, "Those people...those millions of people...I never knew it would come to that."  The judge chillingly responded, "Herr Janning, this happened the first time you sentenced a man to death you knew to be innocent."

All physicians participating in this evil charade are no better than Ernst Janning.  They cannot credibly plead ignorance because they chose to look the other way when the truth was in plain sight.

Images: Antonio R. Chaves.

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