A kid with the right attitude takes on her school board's BLM hypocrisy

I'm not a huge fan of videos showing elementary or middle school kids at school board meetings complaining about Critical Race Theory or BLM propaganda.  It's always so obvious that the kids got a lot of help from Mom and Dad.  The kids may believe what they're saying, but it's not their voices talking.  That's not the case with a nine-year-old girl from Lakeville, Minnesota, who gave school board members a verbal whipping for lying about political posters on school property.  While it's clear that her values come from her parents, the voice is her own.

To fully appreciate what she's saying, you need to have a little background.  Lakeville is a suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul and, with more than 67,000 people, has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the region.  The spitfire in the video attends Lakeview Elementary School (LES).

Everyone involved with the school — teachers, administrators, and school board members — were forced to take "diversity, equity, and inclusion" (DIE) training. DIE training is, quite simply, anti-White racism packaged as pro-Black non-racism.  It's disgusting, un-American, illegal.

What happened at LES reflects the toxins that DIE infuses into public education.  At a school board meeting, parents expressed different views about two Black Lives Matter posters put on LES's walls.  One group of parents claimed that the posters just made a "declarative statement."  Other parents, however, pointed out that the school had already banned posters with the same words from the Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN), which everyone had agreed were political and had to be removed.  Repacking the same material without reference to the BLMGN was a political distinction without a difference.

To justify their decision, those on the school board who had DIE'd spoke in Critical Race Theory (CRT) platitudes.  At the same meeting, despite the fact that everyone involved in the school had DIE'd, that they were now speaking in CRT cant, and that they'd been game-playing with posters, Superintendent Michael Baumann made the risible claim that CRT was not in Lakeville Area schools: "Our curriculum does not include CRT" (although he noted that Minnesota is trying to make CRT an integral part of all social studies).

It was against that background that the nine-year-old complained about the school board's incredible hypocrisy regarding its poster policy — and about its condescension in thinking that, by repackaging the posters, no one would notice the difference:

I have no doubt that her parents helped her with that statement.  The line about Amanda Gorman — "in case you don't know what that chick is, she's some girl who did a poem for Biden's so-called inauguration" — sounds like something repeatedly stated at the family dinner table.  Nevertheless, she's not reading someone else's script.  The passion is all hers.  Kids dislike hypocrisy, and she's clearly angry at the school board's "rules are for the little people" attitude.

Every school board in America that's embraced CRT and DIE needs to push back.  Even a country as strong as America cannot support having its children indoctrinated in race hatred.

Image: 9-year-old Lakeview student on BLM posters.  Twitter screen grab.

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