Work of the Left: Hamas thugs assault Jewish diners in Los Angeles

Here's today's sickening story, from the Los Angeles Times:

An attack on diners outside a sushi restaurant by people shouting slogans against Israel is being investigated by Los Angeles police as an antisemitic hate crime.

The attack came as a deadly battle continued in the Gaza Strip, escalating tensions in the U.S. among supporters of Israel and those who back the Palestinians.

A video capturing part of the Tuesday night attack shows people in a caravan of cars flying Palestinian flags yelling, "F--- you" and "You guys should be ashamed of yourselves" as they drive by the restaurant.

At one point before the attack, which later escalated to kicking and punching, a person can be heard yelling, "Israel kills children!"

Ric Grenell has footage:

The story hit home for me, because, well, it was home.  When I lived in Los Angeles a few years ago, I lived in that neighborhood, and that sushi place was a ten-minute walk up that street.  It's a safe area, up past the Beverly Hills tennis club and the Motion Picture Academy Library, where little crime ever happens.  The attack itself was at a restaurant on a huge north-south thoroughfare, which is slightly scruffier, with a few bums in the vicinity, close to a mall with big-name designer shops that is often a target of BLM looting threats, so the street itself wasn't utterly safe, but it was safe enough to walk around in, even at night.  The whole area is also pretty Jewish.  You want a low-crime neighborhood in a big urban center?  Live in a Jewish neighborhood, especially an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, which, down the road, was where I had been.

The whole thing, given the makeup of the neighborhood, and the utter absence of Palestinian leftist radicals from it, was utterly disturbing.  Where the hell did these Hamas-supporting thugs come from?  They sure as heck don't populate that neighborhood; they came from somewhere else.  The only Muslims in the Beverly Grove vicinity tend to come from Arab Gulf states, wearing their black veils, coming to shop or take in the Rodeo Drive atmosphere a few blocks away, and they are tolerant and friendly.

Why did these Hamas thugs, who've never been a presence in this vicinity, do what they did so brazenly?  They came in on a car caravan with Palestinian flags blazing, headrags visible, and then got out of their caravan and starting asking those at the dining establishment who was Jewish, same as Palestinian hijackers on airlines used to ask who was American (remember her?) before planning to kill them.

Notice that in the narrative of the story, the two Jewish patrons who answered "yes" to the Hamas thugs' question of whether they were Jewish were utterly trusting.  That's likely because, as I noted earlier, the area has always been generally safe, and the Jewish diners had no reason to suspect that the aim of the question was to launch a group-thug assault.

But they did, and that makes this story shocking.

It's also notable that they were so confident and brazen in this assault on Jews, unworried about defunded police, unconcerned about cameras, probably liking the cameras.

"Who here is Jewish?"  These Hamas thugs in Los Angeles were like just those 1986 hijackers asking who was American, as if they came from the same training book.  They didn't try to hide anything about what they were about, and they were confident there would be no repercussions.  It's as if they were sent in, which raises questions about some kind of plan. 

Here's the vile thing we know for sure: they've got the full support of the left, which is openly supporting Hamas and all its violence and murder in these days as Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu vows to wipe them out.

When I hear about that restaurant assault, all I can think about is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's open braying for the Palestinian side, led by terrorists.  Or I think about the other members of the squad, particularly Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who are even worse.

Or I think of Joe Biden transferring millions to the Palestinian Authority, only to see them likely use that cash for attacks on Israel — and quite possibly, Los Angeles.  As Ric Grenell noted, Biden also slathered praised on Tlaib.

Or the Obama Bros who on a leftist content mill urged fellow leftists to donate to a Palestinian terror-linked "charity" before deleting the post.  Talk about normalizing Jew-hatred.

And it comes as hate crimes are increasing, specifically, targeting Jews.  The LAPD is investigating this Hamas thug incident as a hate crime, which it obviously is, coming against this backdrop, according to Israel Hayom:

New data analysis of the just-released FBI hate crime statistics uncovers a disturbing trend in the United States: Jews are at least three times more likely to experience a hate crime in America than any other ethnic group.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently released its Hate Crime Statistics Report highlighting troubling trends related to hate crimes against Jews. According to the report, Jewish people were the targets of over 60% of religious bias-related hate crimes. Jews were targeted at significantly higher rates than any other religious group.

This data indicates an increase of 41% since 2015. Over the past decade, hate crimes targeting Jews topped the charts every year, with rates ranging from 52% to 67% of the total religious bias crimes.

While prominent Jewish organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League, have expressed grave concern over this latest report, a more concerning reality is apparent. The FBI does not include crimes targeting Jewish people under the racial, ethnicity, or ancestry bias categories but only as a religious group. This singular perception of Jewish identity is a misconception.

It's an appalling picture.  They're out there, they're around, and the police have been defunded even in Los Angeles, while the FBI is spending its resources looking for Trump-supporters.  No wonder these thugs feel they've got free rein.  The bleatings of Los Angeles politicians aside, this has got to meet a far more vigorous response, given the shattered trust now rampant in the neighborhood.  They've got to go at it hard enough to ensure that it stops.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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