Wokism and COVID

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast in which three "women of color" discussed their struggles resulting from the lockdowns.  It was sobering, and I was moved by their stories.  But one thing bothered me — two of the women, one Black and the other Latina — referred to how they were doing things to help "my people." 

This illustrates one of the problems I have with the left's obsession with wokeness and identity politics — they are divisive.  Aren't we supposed to all have the common identity of being citizens of this country?  Imagine the outrage if a white woman were to go on a national podcast and talk about all the things she is doing to help "her people."

In any event, privately, a number of my Democratic friends confess to me they are fed up but fear the backlash in coming out against it.  With liberals like Bill Maher mocking it and James Carville blasting it, perhaps wokeness has hit its peak.

Josh Kantrow is a Chicago-based cyber-security attorney.

Image: Pixabay.

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