With Cheney on the way out, the long knives turn on Elise Stefanik

Curiously, a typically anti-Republican propaganda piece in The New York Times, May 7, concluded with an insightful quote from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).  The title the Times' slanted article: “In Turning on Liz Cheney, G.O.P. Bows to Trump’s Election Lies.”  Still, the anti-GOP narrative did end with this from Rep. Jordan, quoted on Fox News by the Times.  "'You can't have a Republican conference chair taking a position that 90 percent of the party disagrees with, and you can't have a Republican Party chair consistently speaking out against the individual who 74 million Americans voted for.'"

In fact, not only has Cheney spoken out against Donald J. Trump, she has indicated that she would oppose him if he is the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.  How can the GOP have a conference chair speaking out against a potential 2024 presidential nominee, without giving aid and comfort to their political foes?   Was General Washington supposed to have welcomed as key aide Benedict Arnold after he tried to hand over West Point to the British?

Only an anti-Trumplican [cq] would parrot the nonsensical line that the Republican Party faces defeat on the 2022 congressional elections and in the presidential election in 2024 if Cheney is replaced as chair of the House Republican conference by the able Elise Stefanik, from upstate New York.  Rep. Stefanik proved an eloquent defender of President Trump, as member of the House Intelligence Committee during Impeachment I. 

At The New York Times, May 8, Michelle Cottle projected onto Rep. Stefanik her own delight in "see[ing] the Republican Party burned to ash...", consequent to Ms. Stefanik "grovel[ing] before the gold-plated altar of Trumpism."  At The Wall Street Journal, May 8, columnist Peggy Noonan kept pace with Ms. Cottle, warning Rep. Stefanik that she will be haunted "the rest of her career" should she replace "a woman who stood where she stands at a cost and for principle."

Noonan noted that Cheney ran to The Washington Post to stand on anti-Trumpian principle.  Curious venue for the third-ranking GOP House member to turn to, considering that the Post is a leading media outlet virulently anti-Trump -- and anti-Republican.  How in lockstep is Noonan with the Times and the Post in propagandizing against the Trumplicans?

Here is Noonan -- but it could have been Cottle at the Times, or indeed, Pelosi in the House:   "Ousting [Cheney] for saying the obvious puts the party on the side of a lie. That's never a healthy place to be in the long term."   And this, too, from Noonan:  "If they throw [Cheney] out she looks like Churchill, and they look like little men with umbrellas.  It will make the party look stupid and weak, as if it can't tolerate dissent."

Here, Noonan goes off the highway of history.  Did Churchill keep in his wartime cabinet ministers who wanted to appease the Nazis, for the sake of tolerating dissent, or, worse,  to start peace negotiations with Hitler after the Dunkirk disaster?   Of course not.   Consider, now, retaining Cheney as House GOP conference chair after she viciously and falsely denounced Mr. Trump for being against the rule of law, against democracy.  Talk about putting the fox in the henhouse!

It will soon be half a year since the end of what may prove to be Mr. Trump's first presidential term, and the Trump-haters, including NeverTrumpers like Peggy Noonan, cannot hurl too many slurs and lies and smears at Donald J. Trump that common sense understands as the indicia of Trump Derangement Syndrome.   In short, the Cottles, Noonans and Cheneys doth denounce too much.

Photo credit: Exchange Associate (cropped) CC BY 2.0 license

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