Unequal protection under the law

The FBI and the Department of Justice cannot be trusted to administer equal justice under the law.  Their actions over the last five years include:

  • Operation Crossfire Hurricane, investigating and hobbling President Trump on the basis of flawed intelligence paid for and manufactured by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats;
  • Lying to and abusing the FISA courts to spy on Americans who supported President Trump;
  • The prosecution of General Flynn and assorted Republicans who were associated with President Trump;
  • The protection and non-prosecution of Hillary Clinton and her associates, Susan Rice, Hunter Biden, and the Biden crime family;
  • Continuing orchestrated and illegal leaks to the media designed to damage President Trump and his supporters and bolster Democrats;
  • Failure to prosecute Antifa and Black Lives Matter for a summer of riots and arson;
  • Choosing to throw the prosecutorial book at the January 6 "white supremacist" "insurrectionists"
  • Identifying "white supremacists" as the number-one domestic terror threat when Islamic jihadists, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter are greater threats by any rational metric;
  • The recent 6 A.M. raid on Rudy Giuliani to obtain the electronic devices in his possession, including protected communications with his client, former President Trump, but not including the hard drives of Hunter Biden, because...?

In the '60s and '70s, television had numerous shows lionizing law enforcement.  Dragnet, Adam-12, CHIPs, The FBI.  The FBI featured square-jawed Efram Zimbalist, Jr., who protected the innocent and chased down evildoers every week.

The left today claims that police are "systemically racist" and that we should defund the (local, county, and state) police and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  Most Americans recognize this as a recipe for increased crime and social anarchy and do not support such defunding.  The left has responded with riots and arson and the lame refrain that "defund" doesn't actually mean "defund"; it means reform and dispatching mental health and social workers in response to 911 calls and knife attacks (to cite one recent example).

The FBI's number-one mission is fighting terrorism.  It has become increasingly evident that it has often failed to prevent domestic terror attacks even though the perpetrator was "on its radar."  Now its radar is focused on anyone who does not agree with the left and has the temerity to say so or accesses websites that do not toe the woke line.  That is the FBI's definition of "domestic extremist."

The FBI and DoJ are implicitly and systemically biased against right-of-center Americans, especially those who supported President Trump.  Unequal and partisan administration of the law is a sure path to tyranny, and we are well on the way.  Our federal police and prosecutors are obviously so systemically compromised that they cannot be reformed without demolishing their flawed historical structure and starting from scratch.  Defund the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Image: Department of Justice.

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