The media try to turn a 'second place' finish into something special

The media were swooning: with Jen Psaki away from the podium during the Democrat love-fests that stand in today for press conferences, Karine Jean-Pierre, a young Black woman, stepped up.  It was a "first" that needed to be celebrated.  Except that it wasn't a first; it was a "second" that sent the media laughably scrambling from a new way to celebrate an ordinary woman's turn as an administration propagandist.

Context is always helpful, so it's useful to remember that, in January, the media were swooning about Pete Buttigieg (he of gay kiss photos so awful that even leftists hated them), whom they celebrated as the "first" openly gay member of a presidential Cabinet.  Except that was untrue.  In fact, the estimable Ric Grenell was the true "first" openly gay Cabinet minister, serving in Donald Trump's.

Still, for the media, there is nothing they won't do to prove that Biden's is the "first" administration in the ways that matter to progressives.  (What doesn't matter to progressives is that Biden is the "first" American president to destroy the economy, the border, and the military in only four months.  Now that's impressive.)  So when Karine Jean-Pierre filled Psaki's pshoes, the media were ready:

Except that wasn’t true.  Just as Republican Donald Trump was the first president to have an openly gay man in his Cabinet, Republican George H.W. Bush was the first president to have a black press secretary, a woman named Judy Smith.  The media were hardly deterred.  They pivoted instantly to celebrate the "historic" "first" black press secretary in "30 years":

I especially like Weijia Jiang's nonsensical take:

All I could think of was Jerry Seinfeld's comic shtick about the meaninglessness of second place:

Per Seinfeld, Jean-Pierre is now the "number-one loser" in American politics.  Fortunately for her place in the history books, though, the mendacious media did find a first for her: in an administration swimming in people who claim a place on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, she is the first lesbian press secretary.  Woo-hoo!

I dream of a day when people are appointed to government positions and we're told about their qualifications rather than their skin color or sex lives.

Image: Karine Jean-Pierre.  Twitter screen grab.

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