The least self-aware governor in America warns unvaccinated young about 'killing your grandmother'

Is New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo haunted by a guilty conscience?  Are dead elders populating his dreams?

The man who killed thousands of elders in care facilities by sending COVID-infected patients back into their midst has no business warning anyone else about endangering the lives of their grandmothers, and yet, during one of his televised press conferences — the ones that were nationally televised when the Democrats and media were hyping Cuomo as the antidote to Donald Trump — he cajoled young unvaccinated New Yorkers that they could kill their grandmas if they didn't get vaccinated.

Hat tip to Sundance at The Last Refuge for spotting the tell:

... maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother, and wind up killing your grandmother ...


Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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