The friendly skies aren't so friendly anymore

Though the number of flights per day is still far below the daily average of recent years, the FAA recently revealed that the total number of reported incidents of passenger bad behavior on flights so far in 2021 is about ten times the annual average — through just the first four months of the calendar year.

The FAA says it typically sees between 100 and 150 "formal" cases of bad behavior by passengers in a typical year.  By contrast, the agency said there have already been 1,300 such cases reported this year, even with significantly lower passenger miles flown.  These instances have involved verbal and physical assault and "political intimidation," frequently over mask mandates.

This Southwest Airlines flight attendant lost two teeth to an attack by a passenger.
YouTube screen grab.

This simply reflects what is happening on the ground as well.  Standards of behavior have been altered for the worse, possibly forever.  Obstruction, looting, burning, rioting, and violence are everywhere on the increase.  This is the inevitable result of ignoring cheating; letting crime go unchecked and unpunished; supporting rioting; sowing racial, class, and intersectional hatred; dispensing with long held cultural norms; eschewing the Judeo-Christian work ethic; attacking, mocking, and defunding the police; and attempting to dispense with the traditional nuclear family.  Throw in pent up emotions of nearly endless — and pointless — lockdowns and mask mandates, and you have effectively mandated bad behavior, hopelessness, despair...and mass unrest.

In other words, Democrats have deliberately, carefully, and painstakingly created the perfect conditions for societal collapse.  Many of today's Democrats hate the country as founded and believe they will be there, in the end, to pick up the pieces and consolidate their power.

Screw the coronavirus vaccine; these Democrats should have been forced to be proactively vaccinated against Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and the Anti-American Insanity Virus (AAIV).

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