Tesla opts for gasoline-powered vehicles for roadside service for its cars in Australia

When you absolutely, positively have to get there (and back) way out in the outback...

They've got a lot of wide-open space Down Under, places where you can drive a long, long way before you encounter much in the way of human settlement, including electricity supplies.  That may be why Tesla in Australia is using gasoline-powered pickup trucks to go out and rescue Tesla-owners stranded on the road.  Tim Blair of The Telegraph spotted the concession to the reality of needing a driving range greater than can be handled by an electric truck such as the electric Ford F 150 Lightning, recently driven by President Biden, that gets as little as 100 miles on a charge when towing.

Electric car-maker Tesla isn't taking any range risks in Australia with their support vehicles. When they need to repair their breakdown-prone plug buggies, Tesla use reliable, petrol-powered Mitsubishis.

Here is the photo showing the Tesla name on a Mitsubishi service truck:

Photo by Johannes Leak.

Keep in mind that if one tests the range of an electric vehicle out on a trip, one has to wait hours to recharge the battery.  If you are paying an auto mechanic an hourly labor charge, that recharging time would have to go on the bill, as well, if they used electric trucks for a service mission way into the outback. 

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