Shouldn’t the media ask common sense questions on the masks and other dictatorial edicts?

We are told that the reason we only had 2,000 cases of the flu this year was because of the masks and other mitigating dictatorial edicts. Dr. Fauci is using this explanation to say we might wear masks in the future seasonally. Shouldn’t the media ask a series of logical questions of Dr. Fauci and the CDC to see if the mask was the reason for the almost complete disappearance of the seasonal flu?

Here are some suggestions:

Since the particles for COVID 19 are a similar size to the particles from the seasonal flu shouldn’t the masks have also obliterated COVID?

In the 2019-2020 flu season, the CDC estimates there were 38 million cases in seven months or around 180,000 cases per day, which is more cases than we have had from COVID in 15 months. And we didn’t have free testing sites, we didn’t test people with no symptoms, and we didn’t have contact tracing. Isn’t it possible that COVID 19 just replaced the seasonal flu as a new variant in the past year since they are both coronaviruses? Could some seasonal flu cases have been assumed to be COVID 19? Did medical providers and testing sites get more bang for the buck if they were COVID than they would have for the seasonal flu?

Why did countries and states that did not have the mask requirement also have no seasonal flu if the mask was the reason for the disappearance?

Why did states that had no statewide mandate for the mask and less strict dictatorial edicts have as good or better results as states with the mask requirement of the mask was the solution?  So where is the data that shows the mask helped?

Didn’t schools with no mask requirements for kids have just as good results as schools with the mandates?  Where is the data that shows that kids age two and up without a mask are spreading the virus?

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Why did the CDC intentionally exaggerate the risk of getting the disease outdoors? Isn’t it true that there was never any scientific data to justify the requirement to wear the mask outdoors and if the CDC told the public the truth they would not have agreed to the dictatorial edict?

A few days ago, the CDC director was asked for data to support the continued wearing of the masks, especially by people that had the vaccine. She said they would have the data soon which means there was no data to support the continued mask wearing, either indoors or outdoors.

Maybe that is why they suddenly changed their talking points on Thursday to allow people with vaccines to go without masks.

There is a reason so many people distrust Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and WHO. The problem is they have told the public so many things that just aren’t true. Here is a small sample:

WHO started by spreading the Chinese propaganda that it wouldn’t spread human to human.

From January 2020 through early March 2020, Dr. Fauci and others said COVID would cause minimal problems in the U.S.

On March 9th last year, Dr. Fauci said it was safe to go on cruise ships if you felt fine.

Then in Mid-March, the s*** hit the fan as CDC put out a report, without scientific data to support it, that millions of Americans would die and hundreds of millions would get the disease. This fictional report started the intentional destruction of the economy with all the dictatorial edicts.

In March, the CDC said, without scientific data, that the disease would linger on surfaces and be easily spread. How many people and businesses pretend that that false information is still true? How much has that misinformation cost businesses as they mitigated this lie?

The CDC said in March that people with no symptoms would easily spread the disease even though there was no scientific data to support that contention. That was not true. How many people with no symptoms have been tested and how many unnecessary quarantines have occurred because of this?

In late March, the CDC suddenly changed the way they counted deaths caused by the virus. Instead of just counting deaths directly by the virus, as they always have, they politically decided to count any death remotely associated, or assumed to be associated, with COVID, as caused by COVID. Why did they intentionally goose the numbers, unless it was to intentionally used to scare the public into submission?

While the CDC and other politicians supported massive rallies by leftists, they continually warned of super spreader events if the public dare to gather in defiance of their political masters. Rarely did a super spreader event occur. Essentially, Fauci and others yelled fire when there was none.

The event that should have told the public that the super spreader predictions were fake was when 300,000 motorcyclists gathered in Sturgis, SD, mostly without masks and without social distancing. But instead of telling the public the truth about how few cases there were, a think tank put out a made-up report, without scientific evidence, that over 250,000 people got the disease because of the crowd. 

No, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Didn't Spawn 250,000 Coronavirus Cases

The truthful number, from an Oxford study, was 463 cases directly tied to the rally with one death of a person with preexisting conditions. 

Oxford study: 2020 Sturgis Rally tied to more than 400 COVID-19 cases across 30 states, 1 death

More than 463 COVID-19 cases across 30 states were directly connected to the Sturgis Rally in August and September 2020. Seventeen patients were hospitalized and one person died, according the report by the Oxford University Press for the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

How many children’s lives have permanently been harmed by the unnecessary lockdowns?

Why did the CDC cave to the teachers’ unions when the scientific data shows the schools should have been open for a long time?

Why is CDC recommending such draconian measures for kids at summer camp when there is no scientific data to support them?

How many individuals, families, and businesses have been financially destroyed because of unnecessary shutdowns based on lies?

How many people committed suicide or died from drug overdoses because of draconian, dictatorial edicts by power hungry politicians and bureaucrats when the scientific data didn’t support the measures? Don’t all deaths matter?

Why are Fauci and others from CDC and WHO allowed to spew forth on social media outlets when so much of what they have said has been false?

Why are people who disagree with Fauci and other dictatorial edicts silenced on social media outlets when they tell the truth?

Why is the CDC not treated as the political bureaucracy that it is, instead of treated as deities who always tell the truth?

Why do Democrats continue to pretend they are the party of science when all they care about is power?

Finally, so why won’t journalists ask these logical questions about COVID and the masks?  Because they don’t care about science or facts either. They only care about campaigning for and electing Democrats to push a radical leftist agenda.

It is the same reason they will never ask anyone in the Biden Administration for scientific data to justify the destruction of any industry related to fossil fuels. They don’t care about science and facts. They clearly don’t care about the inflationary harm to the poor, middle class and small businesses as high gasoline and utility prices flow through the entire economy.

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