Shock: Washington Post publishes something sensible on Israel

Thank you to Washington Post columnist Charles Lane for a sane perspective of the recent Hamas-Israel conflict in an otherwise insane world   Mr. Lane's level-headed op-ed really provides more news than in the news reporting part of the newspaper.  His statement that Hamas "shooting unguided explosives toward civilian populations violates all the norms of warfare" should be in every article on this conflict, but sadly, it is not.  Lane continues that the 4,000 Hamas rockets were "more than 4,000 war crimes, or an average of 363 per day."

Mr. Lane is one of the few sources who acknowledges that "of the at least 248 people in Gaza dead, at least some were struck by errant Hamas rockets.  Eight civilians, including two of the 67 children in Gaza who have been reported dead, lost their lives in a single such incident," and that's according to a Palestinian Human Rights source!  It is quite likely that since there is no free press in Gaza, and Hamas carefully censors what information goes out — so the numbers of casualties from errant rockets could skew much higher.

Mr. Lane also compares the unfortunate deaths of Palestinian civilians to other wars, and it becomes as clear as day that Israel was taking extreme measures to minimize casualties, contrary to the libel published in most U.S. news sources stating the opposite.

Mr. Lane concludes that "Israeli wrongdoing, if any, occurred in the context of a generally professional military operation that was carried out in response to Hamas's rocket attack."  Lastly, "Hamas's campaign against Israel and its civilian population, by contrast, consisted of nothing but war crimes, from beginning to end."

Amen and kudos to Mr. Lane.

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