Power and the southern border

Why would Democratic leaders open the U.S. border to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens?  Simple: It's all about power.  The Democrats' thirst for power.  Getting it and keeping it.  In our system of government, that means getting more votes.  The illegal aliens of today are the Democratic voters of tomorrow.  That's how Democratic leaders see them anyway.  Democrats don't believe they can win elections honestly in the long run, so they need more Democratic voters.  If they cannot turn more American voters their way, then new voters from South and Central America will do just fine.  First, they need to get them here.  Second, at some point in the future, these new illegal aliens will need to be given the vote.  That is the immigration crisis — just not the one being reported.

The crisis being reported is the inhumane conditions at detention facilities housing thousands of alien children.  If illegal alien children are suffering at the southern border of the United States right now, it is a direct result of the Democrats' unquenchable thirst for power.  The Democrat party is not stupid; these people know full well that mass migration into this country is bad for its citizens in many ways.  But serving their constituents is not their primary goal; acquiring power and securing it permanently are.  Aren't they worried about pictures of children living in horrible conditions in immigration facilities?  No — a little bad press is a small price to pay for conducting a successful political coup.

Using crises to accomplish a goal that they can't get through the political process is Democrat 101.  It has been used for decades.  Democrats are masters at exploiting crises.  They don't care what the crisis is, only that they have one they can exploit to achieve their goal of consolidating power.  The great thing about a crisis, real or created, is that power-hungry politicians know that the public is more willing to give the government some leeway if it will help them deal with the crisis.  But to understand what is really happening, you have to look behind the crisis.  There is always an agenda at work behind it.

When Democrats say they have an immigration plan, they don't mean that they plan to:

— secure the border to help protect Americans from COVID-19

— protect Americans from aliens who have committed additional crimes

— protect Americans from terrorists

— protect American taxpayers from the burden of millions of dependent aliens stressing the health care, law enforcement, and government services systems

What Democrats mean is that they intend to trade illegal border crossings for Democratic votes.  The nation may have a crisis on the southern border.  The Biden administration does not.  All is going according to plan.

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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