PLA dossier shows that China is running a 'Dr. Evil' lab in Wuhan

In a story that ought to be getting more attention than it is, a Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA)  dossier that has fallen into the hands of the State department, shows that China has been planning for biological warfare, bigtime, as its means of taming the West.

According to the Daily Mail:

Chinese scientists have been preparing for a Third World War fought with biological and genetic weapons including coronavirus for the last six years, according to a document obtained by US investigators.

The bombshell paper, accessed by the US State Department, insists they will be 'the core weapon for victory' in such a conflict, even outlining the perfect conditions to release a bioweapon, and documenting the impact it would have on 'the enemy's medical system'.

This latest evidence that Beijing considered the military potential of SARS coronaviruses from as early as 2015 has also raised fresh fears over the cause of Covid-19, with some officials still believing the virus could have escaped from a Chinese lab.

2015? That's about when China started ramping up its presence in the South China Sea, building illegal atolls, and intimidating its neighbors. According to a 2020 op-ed in Defense News:

While the world is combating the new coronavirus, COVID-19, China continues to fortify its islands in the South China Sea, with only muted response from the international community. Even the sinking of a Vietnamese fishing vessel brought minimal reaction from the international community, though the Philippines and U.S. military have made statements against the incident.

Prior to COVID-19, China’s “war without gunsmoke” strategy had already resulted in the near-normalization of its South China Sea military buildup and its “nine-dash line” claims. Since 2013 the “Great Wall of Sand” (so dubbed by former Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Harry Harris) has become even more formidable. Combined with Chinese disregard for a 2016 Hague ruling that invalidated Chinese nine-dash line claims, it is obvious that China will continue to persist in its claims, as I detailed in a 2017 article for Foreign Policy.

Funny how a 'war without gunsmoke' using fishing boats as bait or spies, and eventually, raw military muscle, coincides with the sort of end-goal going on in that Wuhan lab, cooking up a means of biological destruction of the West with disease rather than bullets, as some means of subduing the West.

The details of the dossier are appalling:

The authors of the document insist that a third world war 'will be biological', unlike the first two wars which were described as chemical and nuclear respectively.

Referencing research which suggested the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan forced them to surrender, and bringing about the end of WWII, they claim bioweapons will be 'the core weapon for victory' in a third world war. 

The document also outlines the ideal conditions to release a bioweapon and cause maximum damage.

The scientists say such attacks should not be carried out in the middle of a clear day, as intense sunlight can damage the pathogens, while rain or snow can affect the aerosol particles.

Instead, it should be released at night, or at dawn, dusk, or under cloudy weather, with 'a stable wind that the aerosol can float into the target area'. 

Meanwhile, the research also notes that such an attack would result in a surge of patients requiring hospital treatment, which then 'could cause the enemy's medical system to collapse'.

Sound like COVID? We know that COVID was released from that Wuhan lab somehow, what we don't know is whether it was accidental or intentional. And were China not preparing for some kind of biological warfare with the West, it never would have happened at all.

More important, we know that China has covered up the origins of the virus. It has blocked investigators, and it has corrupted the World Health Organization, which employs a see-no-evil policy from China, despite the mounting evidence.

Worse still, we know there are collaborators, from the West.

Joe Biden's kid Hunter is up to his gills in China "investments" he claimed he would divest as old pop became president, and somehow, didn't. How's Joe gonna ramp up to this challenge, this very real threat against the U.S. with his protected son on the take?

The vaunted Dr. Anthony Fauci, meanwhile, is about as bad, too. According to a column by James Freeman at the Wall Street Journal, published May 7:

Before Covid-19 ravaged the world, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funded coronavirus research that included work at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. The idea was to study the ability of such viruses to attack humans, but could a Fauci-funded experiment actually be the source of the deadly global infection? In an exhaustive account of the viral possibilities published this week by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Nicholas Wade argues that the Chinese lab is the most likely source of the world-wide agony.

Left-leaning journalists who don’t like where this story is going may struggle to dismiss the author given his establishment credentials. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists describes him this way:

Nicholas Wade is a science writer, editor, and author who has worked on the staff of NatureScience, and, for many years, the New York Times.

The former Timesman writes:

The virus that caused the pandemic is known officially as SARS-CoV-2, but can be called SARS2 for short. As many people know, there are two main theories about its origin. One is that it jumped naturally from wildlife to people. The other is that the virus was under study in a lab, from which it escaped... it seems to me that proponents of lab escape can explain all the available facts about SARS2 considerably more easily than can those who favor natural emergence.

The column goes on to point out that at least some of the research involved 'gain of function' or making the virus transmissible and live from bats to humans, and that the Chinese military most certainly was involved. It certainly explains why the Chinese have refused to come clean either about their lab operation's doings, or what they were directing the lab to do and why the lab was busy producing biological agents that eventually poisoned the world. China is in fact doing all it can to spread the big lie that the virus originated someplace else.

Here's the bad news for us: This isn't the last of it. With Joe Biden in the saddle, and not Donald Trump who was a nightmare to them, they're going to keep carrying on with this 'Dr. Evil' masterplan, getting away with more and more. They know that Biden is a weakling and has a compromised son on their string, so from their perspective, the time to advance is now.

When is the U.S. going to get a real leader to calls them out and counter them in this Dr. Evil scheme?

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of image by Zhang Zhenshi and a committee of artists via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY 2.0, and a public domain image.

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