Pipeline killer Joe Biden declares emergency for northeast pipeline hit by cyberhackers

Is there anything more preposterous than Joe Biden declaring an emergency for 17 eastern states after cybercriminals shut down a critical gas pipeline in their vicinity? He's a Green New Dealer, so maybe he should instead be happy.

Here's what The Hill reports:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Sunday issued a regional emergency declaration in 17 states and the District of Columbia in response to the shutdown of one of the largest pipelines in the U.S., which supplies around 45 percent of fuel consumed by the East Coast.

The regional emergency declaration from the U.S. Department of Transportation lifts restrictions for motor carriers and drivers who are providing assistance to areas that are suffering a shortages of "gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other refined petroleum products" in the wake of the Colonial pipeline shutdown.

The regional emergency declaration affects the following territories: Alabama, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Sure, it needed to be done. And some probing as to why the pipeline was left vulnerable to hackers, and who the heck they are, is worth finding out, too.

But this is the same Joe Biden and administration that shut down the Keystone XL pipeline as part of his Green New Deal, all with the stroke of a pen.

Shutting down pipelines is serious stuff as it impacts the national economy. Yet Biden himself, just weeks ago, blithely shut Keystone down for the sake of his greenie buddies. 

See, Keystone energy is bad. Colonial's energy, it seems, is good. It's all the same energy, and all the same nation, but Biden sees some differences.

Perhaps the logic goes that if cyberhackers do it, it's bad, but any pipeline shut down by Joe is greenie goodness. Someone should ask him, because he ought to be rejoicing with glee about the cyberhack, given his hostility to fossil-fuel energy.

Biden recall, shut down the Keystone XL pipeline in the name of Going Green without putting anything in its place. He told laid off Keystone workers, numbering around 10,000, to "learn to code," install solar panels, or cap wells, in assorted forked-tongue speeches. He said just wait ... and we are still waiting.

What he didn't do was consider the energy needs of the nation, the planning the vast Keystone project took, the environmental hoop-jumping that had been fulfulled, or the cost of offending Canada. Keystone pipeline energy to cut across the rocky mountain and prairie states was bad, but somehow, northeast fossil fuel pipelines are perfectly necessary.

How about some windmills, now that the pipeline is shut down by hackers? Shouldn't going green be perfectly easy, as he says? Somehow, the irony eludes him.

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