Panels shatter on Chinese glass-bottom pedestrian suspension bridge, leaving tourist dangling 330 ft high

It was one of those "dare you to try it" tourist attractions that seem to be popping up in China.  Now there is at least one man who must wish he had never accepted the dare to cross a glass-bottomed suspension built over a high gorge at a resort at Piyan Mountain in the Chinese city of Longjing.

The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

A tourist was left clinging on for dear life after the glass panels of a 330-ft high bridge in China were damaged in strong winds. (snip)

According to a report in the Straits Times, the man was stuck on the bridge for a brief period. 

He crawled to safety, guided by firefighters, police, and forestry and tourism workers. 

You can see what purports to be the stranded man clinging to the bridge in the picture on the right in this tweet showing the bridge before and after the glass panels broke away:

With its headlong rush to quickly build all the appurtenances of an advanced industrial society, certain corners seem to be cut in China on occasion.  The horrific high-speed rail crash in 2011 at Wenzhou killed 43, but the first reaction of authorities was to bury the evidence.

I don't plan any trips to China because I have written too many items critical of the regime and don't trust its members to leave me alone if I am in their jurisdiction.  But if I did go, I'd avoid any tourist attractions with the slightest hint of risk attached.

Photo credit: Twitter screen grab.

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