Oprah's new AppleTV+ show says celebrities aren't like the rest of us

If you want to know what's going on in the world, don't (really, don't) look at the New York Times or Washington Post.  From them, you get only Democrat partisan spin.  Instead, check out the Daily Mail, an enlivening mix of news and gossip that, despite grammatically awful writing, manages to get a lot of information (and dreck) across.  What it succeeded in doing on Friday was to reveal the mental damage that affects so many of the celebrities who opine about and dangerously affect America's values.

AppleTV+ has released a series of interviews between Oprah and Harry (the prince formerly known as Prince) in which we are given a pathetic insight into the mind of a marginally intelligent, minimally informed man who tragically lost his mother in the most explosive way.  It shouldn't surprise anyone that he has emotional issues or that he married a woman who knows how to manipulate all of them.

Harry's mental fragility shouldn't make him a cultural icon.  In addition, he really shouldn't have a platform from which he can display not only his mental issues, but emotional revelations from Oprah herself, Glenn Close, and Lady Gaga.

Rather than write at any length about any of this, I thought I'd simply copy here the titles of the many Daily Mail articles about the show and the heartbreak of celebrity-itis.  By the way, I'm not denigrating the tragedies these people suffered, everything from Oprah's being raped to Harry losing his mother in a world-shattering car accident.  I'm just making a point that these are deeply damaged people, yet we keep giving them the keys to the kingdom when it comes to setting the tone in America:

One thing that's coming through loud and clear is that Meghan Markle is an extraordinarily manipulative woman — and she certainly found the perfect victim in Harry.

Because it seems as if the third decade of the 21st century is all about history repeating itself, everything from 1930s-style anti-Semitism to 1970s-style malaise, it makes sense that what's happening here is the farcical repeat of the Wallis Simpson–Edward VIII scandal.  As before, we're seeing a weak man raised in the hothouse environment of the royal family, who falls completely and totally for a powerful, manipulative American woman who forces a break between him and his family.

It was a good thing for the world when Edward abdicated because he had strong Nazi sympathies.  Harry's "abdication" is less helpful because he's now free to contribute to the paralyzing, damaging therapeutic culture that too many celebrities, speaking from their multi-million-dollar homes, parade before Americans, encouraging a debilitating national victimhood.  While the British may once have been known for their stiff upper lip, Harry will forever be remembered for his trembling lower lip.

Image: Harry, the Prince of Pathetic.  YouTube screen grab.

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