One way you can start saving American liberty, personally

Liberty in America and constitutional government are currently facing their most severe crisis since the Civil War.  The threat is posed not by foreign invasion, but by our own deluded countrymen.  As Lincoln said in the Lyceum Address of 1838, "all the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined ... could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years. ... If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author. ... As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."  We seem to be at that point.  Roughly half the voting population of the nation, led by the guilt-ridden woke fanatics of the left, appear ready to jump off the cliff into tyranny and drag the rest of us with them.

The most imperative question we must answer now is the same one that Vladimir Lenin, of all people, asked in a famous pamphlet in 1902: "What is to Be Done?"

Lenin answered that most famous question in Russian history by proposing the creation of a highly centralized and disciplined political party that eventually became known as the Bolsheviks.  While Americans do not need a party of communist tyranny, we do need a party that can fight effectively against the looming autocracy and for the restoration of liberty.  Unfortunately, no such party currently exists in the United States.  Therefore, we must either create a new one or seize an existing one.

The former course is impossible.  Accordingly, uncompromising patriots, dedicated to the restoration of constitutional government, must organize quickly and capture the Republican Party.  This is not to say that we need to purge all RINOs.  Far from it.  We need every vote we can get, both at the ballot box and in the nation's legislative bodies.  But we do not need congressmen and senators who are so blind to the crisis the nation faces that they are eager to "reach across the aisle" and compromise on their principles.  As it is, there is already a group of Republican senators who are said to be negotiating with the Democrats about an immigration deal.  Republicans must not compromise on anything significant until they do it from a position of strength — and only then with a Democratic Party that has regained its sanity, if that is even possible.

The reconstruction of the Republican Party is our most urgent task at least in part because in a republic, it is only through a political party that a people can seize and exercise political power.  The Republican Party is, therefore, the only weapon Americans can wield than can possibly save what Lincoln called the "last best hope of earth."

It is the most urgent task we have before us because we have no more than three and a half years to save all that previous generations of Americans accomplished since the foundation of the nation.  Our first deadline is less than a year from now.  The midterm elections of 2022 will be the first chance the free people of the United States have to retrieve their liberties and halt the spread of autocracy.  We can't wait until November of 2022 to begin the task.  The MAGA constituency or some variation of it must establish its hegemony in short order.  Failure in 2022 would be a catastrophe.  Failure in 2024 would spell doom for the nation.

So how do we rescue the GOP from its feckless leaders?  In the end, what is to be done?

Fortunately, Dan Schultz, a Republican activist from Arizona, has an answer.  It is a simple strategy that he has dubbed "the Precinct Strategy" that any patriot can participate in.  He points out that merely voting for Republicans gives one no power over elected representatives.  Likewise, merely registering as a Republican gives one no more leverage.  Even donating to GOP candidates does little to influence them once in office.  The ordinary Republican has little influence unless he is actively engaged in Republican politics at the local level.  It's the committeemen who have all the power and influence.  Rank-and-file activists must become "Precinct Committeemen."

Schultz explains that there are some 200,000 positions as precinct committeemen available in the party nationally, but only about 100,000 of those positions are filled.  Half of them are vacant!  As it is, the currently occupied positions are divided more or less evenly between moderates and conservative activists.  That's why we get such feckless leadership and such clueless politicians.  But, as Schultz points out, if the 100,000 vacant positions were filled by conservatives, clueless moderates would be outnumbered roughly three to one!

Anyone can volunteer.  It's easy.  Energetic patriots who understand that the fate of the nation depends on them could seize control of the party and select candidates who will determine the fate of the nation.  So for all those who ask, "What can I do?," please, go to this website and save the nation.  Save freedom for your children, your grandchildren, and generations yet unborn.

Image: Lars Di Scenza via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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