One nation under God?

Our country was founded on a shared Judeo-Christian morality that was based on the biblical covenant of the Old Testament. Usually abbreviated as the Ten Commandments, they encompass virtually all of what we need to know to be good people and citizens of a cohesive, civil society. Our Constitution, in the words of John Adams, “was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

As a part of our society becomes untethered from God and religion, we are witnessing the weakening of our constitutional republic and the corresponding rights that were enshrined within it. Our God-given rights can never be stripped away from us but those in power can remove them from our governing documents or simply ignore them.

The left, intentionally mischaracterizing the First Amendment, has deemed it appropriate to secularize most aspects of our government and the public square. The results of this effort are now being manifested as moral relativism and a full assault on the values that traditional Americans hold dear. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are no longer glorified. Instead, we have death, servitude, and a meager government stipend being celebrated throughout the land.

You shall not murder unless you’re wearing the euphemisms of patient choice, pro-choice, and now even infanticide, as in a “discussion” between physicians and the mother, after a botched abortion. This one commandment has been violated at least sixty-two million times since Roe vs Wade, leaving a horrifying path of destruction not only for the loss of innocent life, but also for the guilt, remorse, and pain left in its wake.

Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are somewhat joined at the hip but neither have a place of honor in the Democrat party. Progressives no longer disguise their goal of a socialized America. Socialism is completely incompatible with individual freedom. Government control of the economy and the individual worker are not the hallmarks of a free society. Taking money from one group of people and handing it to another is not only legalized theft, but it also diminishes the incentives of those whose money is taken while wreaking havoc on the families of those receiving money they didn’t earn.

You shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions, but socialism cannot survive without rampant envy and coveting. People can grant government the authority to redistribute the existing money supply but if you steal enough money from the producers, they simply stop producing. If the producers stop producing scarcity dramatically drives up prices for all.

Increasing the money supply, as we are doing today, is the quickest path to devaluation. The more dollars there are, the less each one will be worth. We’ve been somewhat sheltered from this type of inflation by our reserve currency status but that won’t protect us forever and we are now seeing prices starting to move up. When all is said and done, socialism makes everyone poorer and unhappier. History has demonstrated this reality, time and again, but the lesson never seems to stick.

Bearing false witness against your neighbor is the most widespread ethical failure of our time. It has become so commonplace that it is largely ignored in the workaday world, but it is deeply destructive to the wellbeing of our republic. The recent, high-profile examples have also been the most injurious to our confidence in government institutions.

President Trump spent the entirety of his four-year term defending himself from charges that almost everyone involved knew were false. The corruption embedded within our Justice Department must be profound for those falsehoods to be continually propagated for years without significant resistance or backlash.

The public remained oblivious to all the malfeasance thanks to the efforts of an even more corrupt institution: The news media. They constantly beat the drum for impeachment despite the lack of any evidence beyond a criminally false dossier. They were complicit in the scheme to make the dossier public knowledge and they were the primary vehicle used to perpetuate all the lies. To this day no one has faced justice for this attempted coup but average citizens remain in prison for simply entering “the people’s house” to protest a clearly fraudulent election.

Liberals exalt the government with its one commandment: Thou shall comply. They want us all to take a vow of poverty in worship to their deity but it will be a challenge for them to undo a 250-year tradition of freedom before the next election. That won’t stop them from trying but even while owning the executive and legislative branches of our government, they’ve become ever more hysterical and they’re driving their god into bankruptcy. Maybe they suspect that their time is short.

Frank Liberato is a pseudonym.

IMAGE: Broken Ten Commandments in Oklahoma. YouTube screengrab.

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