Media proven wrong on COVID origins...but who cares?

Well, well, well.  It seems the media's and assorted government officials' insistence that the  COVID virus did not escape from the Wuhan lab was a lie.  As Tucker Carlson put it: "Pretty much every sane person acknowledges at this point that the government of China likely caused the single worst man-made disaster in human history."

The evidence is so overwhelming that all the previous authoritative sources are flip-flopping on the issue.  One prime example is the Washington Post's head fact-checker, Glenn Kessler.  This man ridiculed anyone who said the virus likely came from the Wuhan lab.  He especially singled out President Trump and Senator Ted Cruz.  Kessler is now backtracking.  He's out with a new article on May 25 entitled "How the Wuhan lab-leak theory suddenly became credible."  To which Donald Trump, Jr. responded in a tweet: "It didn't suddenly become credible.  It always was credible."

Yes, Trump and Cruz are vindicated.  The media narrative has been shown to be wrong.  And Dr. Anthony Fauci — the highest-paid employee in the U.S. government — has been shown yet again to be a two-faced liar.  But what does it matter?  The lie and the cover-up on the origin of the Wuhan virus achieved their main objective.  They damaged President Trump in the eyes of many voters, which to some degree made it easier to fraudulently install Joe Biden in the Oval Office.  And what do the media propagandists care that the truth is now coming out?  They got Biden into the presidency.  It's the same for the Chinese.  Their nemesis Trump is gone.  Plus, the Biden family is so dirty and compromised with Chinese money that they have Joe (and by extension the U.S.) by the short hairs.  

This is similar to the Russian hoax.  That partisan witch hunt lasted two years and did great damage to the country and the Republican cause.  It was a factor in the Democrats winning control of the House in 2018.  That threw a monkey wrench in the president's MAGA agenda.  His time and energy were spent answering asinine charges and allegations.  At the end of the day, Trump was vindicated.  But still, the hoax played a major role in shifting power to the radical Democrats, and things haven't been the same since. 

It is sad to say, but the lies of the radical Democrats are effective.  It doesn't much matter that they have a short shelf life.  As long as they advance the left's objective, the Democrats don't care.  And you'll notice that none of the liars pays a price for his lies.

Misdirection like the origin of the Chinese virus and the Russian hoax are effective not because they are so clever.  No, they work only because the entire mainstream media are fully complicit in propagating them.  Without that, their exposure would be a snap.

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