Media are in love with Jen Psaki's honesty and 'competence porn'

Two days ago, Jen Psaki told the mother of all lies when she claimed that Trump created the chaos at the border and that the Biden administration is just cleaning up the mess.  When I discussed that, I noted that no one in the mainstream media had called her on the lie.  Still, I held out the possibility that reporters might do so at some point after I put the post up.  One day later, that possibility is dead and rotting.  Instead, on Wednesday, we learned that reporters are swooning over Psaki's supposed integrity and competence.

Regarding Psaki's dishonesty, it was never more clearly on display than during a press conference on Wednesday.  That's when she Psaki boldly stated that Trump had created "an immigration system rooted in destructive and chaotic policies."  Help is on the way, though, she said.  "President Biden is taking the challenge head on and is building a fair, orderly, and humane immigration system."

Psaki made these claims even though Trump had massively reduced illegal border crossings, gotten Latin American countries to work with him keeping illegal aliens in their countries while their claims were processed, and allowed ICE and INS to carry out their jobs as called for under the statutes authorizing those agencies' existence.  Psaki also said this even though Biden completely violated America's immigration laws.  He threw open the border, banned ICE and INS from doing their jobs, and is warehousing thousands of children who are being brought in by smugglers and traffickers as well as tens of thousands of other illegal aliens, many ill, flooding America.  Even as Biden hectors Americans about vaccinations and masks, his government is shipping immigrants infected with everything from COVID to tuberculosis to all points in America.

In mid-March, sane people pointed out that illegal border crossings increased by 173% in one year and 28% just since Biden entered office.  Leftists risibly responded (as Biden stated in his first press conference) that the increase in illegal aliens entering America was a weather-related phenomenon — even though we have had similar weather every year for decades without a surge.  The surge has increased since then.

When Psaki isn't lying, but cannot possibly state or doesn't have the facts to know the truth, she's either circling back or being Ms. Biotch to reporters who won't accept the narrative.  To sum up: Psaki is dishonest, inept, and mean.

But that's not how the drive-by media see Psaki.  According to an article in the Washingtonian, Psaki is the ultimate in calm, honest, and competent (hat tip: Twitchy):

Ask yourself this question: Is there any difference at this point between the American media and those reporters who once worked for the Soviet Union's Pravda or who currently work for North Korea's or China's state-run outlets?  Here's my answer: in tone and substance, there is no difference.  When it comes to the government, these outlets all offer a slobbering love fest.

However, in communist countries, there's a level of honesty attached to the fact that everyone knows the media are state-run outlets.  In 2021 America, media's employees insist that they are independent outlets.  It's true that they're not (yet) government-funded, but it's ludicrous to pretend they are independent.

A sycophantic media establishment is a dangerous thing, just as a virulently hate-filled media are.  Our American media have proven to be both sycophantic and malevolent, always in pursuit of a hard-left agenda.  I look forward to the day the American public finally has enough and tunes them out so completely that they all go bankrupt.

Image: Jen Psaki.  YouTube screen grab.

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