Liz Cheney savagely mocked by SNL's Kate McKinnon

If Liz Cheney thought attacking Donald Trump would earn her respect or affection from the left, she was sadly mistaken.  She may end up with a gig at MSNBC as an "analyst," but they will never love her as one of her own.  As my colleague Monica Showalter remarked:

Sucking up to the left never works. Bush failed there, Romney did, too, McCain was so crazy he succeeded, but only while dead.  Now Liz fails same as the others.  That is the big lesson of Trump.

To my surprise, Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon, a genuine comedic talent, did an impersonation of Liz over the weekend that was pretty brutal.  Of course, it also presumed that Republicans are mean, hate gays, and all the usual stereotypes that reflect projection by leftists of their own bigotries and failures.  But it mostly mocked Liz as completely alone and out of touch with her own party.

This video is three and a half minutes long, and it might give you a chuckle or two:

Hat tip: Breitbart.

Graphic credit: YouTube screen grab.

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