Israel destroys a building in Gaza housing the AP and other media

Something happened in the war between Israel and Hamas today that exposed the moral schism between those who support Israel and those who seek her destruction. After warning people to evacuate, Israel destroyed a multistory building in Gaza on Saturday, explaining that it housed Hamas. As it happened, the building was also home to the Associated Press and Al Jazeera. Leftists were shocked that Israel would attack the media. Republicans, conservatives, and other supporters of Israel were shocked that the Associated Press and Al Jazeera would act as human shields for a genocidal terrorist group.

Israel had become wise enough to understand that its wars with the Arabs don’t just take place on the ground; they also take place in the court of public opinion. It has therefore taken great care to explain its missile strike on Saturday in Gaza:

The news of the strike elicited markedly different feelings based upon people’s place on the political spectrum. The Biden administration was upset that journalists were attacked, starting with Biden calling to complain to Netanyahu, although he did not go so far as to condemn the strike:

update(12:49pm): So far the Biden administration has stopped short of condemning the Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza offices of US-based Associated Press and other international media outlets, which flattened the 12-story Al-Jalaa tower, resulting in widespread outrage from journalists and media rights organizations across the globe. 

Hours after the attack Joe Biden as reportedly phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to express Washington’s “concerns” and to convey the “paramount responsibility” to protect journalists.

Psaki repeated that message on Twitter:

AOC was outraged that Israel would dare to flatten an empty building that was headquarters for the genocidal enemy intent upon Israel’s destruction:

Stephen L. Miller and Jack Posobiec nailed all this leftist hypocrisy, which isn’t offended by violence per se, but is only offended if the violence affects someone in its victim hierarchy:

Conservatives, meanwhile, focused on the real issue, which is that AP and Al Jazeera were apparently acting as human shields for Hamas. (AP is now claiming it had no idea that Hamas was there. If that’s the case, all I can say is that AP’s investigative skills are so bad no one should ever read anything that comes from this outfit. Alternatively, AP should be angry at Hamas, which abused AP’s trust and safety, not at Israel, which struck at a legitimate military target.)

I’ll give the last words to one of my favorite writers, Bonchie at Red State:

Here’s a thought for the journalists so upset by this — perhaps don’t share a building with a terrorist group? And let’s be clear: the AP and Al Jazeera almost certainly had to have known that Hamas was using the building. These are investigative outlets, after all.

And that’s really the story here, and it’s the one the media do not want to talk about. It’s not that Israel blew up some reporter’s cubicle. It’s that mainstream news outlets have been happy to serve as human shields for Hamas. In a saner world, that would destroy the credibility of any outlet that engaged in such. But our world isn’t sane, so you get wailing and playing the victim.

The excuse often used here is that by allowing Hamas to operate around them, these news outlets gain “access.” Sorry, that’s not a dog that hunts, when you are talking about a genocidal terrorist group. If the Associated Press’ standards are so low that they are willing to wittingly or unwittingly aid terrorists, they should be investigated, not humored as they cry about the consequences. As to Al Jazeera, we already know what they are, so it’s less surprising that they’d be involved here.

IMAGE: Israel destroys Hamas, AP and Al Jazeera headquarters. Twitter screengrab.

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