Illegal immigration: A masterstroke in race-baiting

Our country is being fiercely attacked from within by the Marxist mob movement.  There are several areas of our society it is assaulting to overthrow our constitutional government.

The Democrats in Congress are strongly promoting an open border policy.  They understand that large influxes of illegal aliens could greatly affect the voting outcome of elections.  It also would provide for slave labor for companies, while at the same time lowering the standard of living for the American worker.  The catastrophe at our southwest border with the illegal invasion is immediately eliminating our sovereignty as a nation.

We cannot be a free and independent country without enforceable borders.  The Marxists from the White House to the halls of Congress care nothing about what this is doing to our country.  The only thing they are concerned about is obtaining their communist goals at the expense of our nation.

Unbridled illegal immigration is the death knell of any country.  When illegals come into our country, they tend to form and live in enclaves where they speak their language and set up their own culture.  The huge problem with this is that they do not become Americanized, nor do they speak English, and they do not readily adopt our culture.  In other words, we can have small, foreign countries operating within the boundaries of our country, which spells destruction for the United States of America.

In April, the U.S. Border Patrol reported about 178,000 apprehensions at our southwest border.  It is estimated that about 1,000 illegals a day are entering our country undetected.  Many of these people have not been medicinally tested for COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, and they are being transported and resettled all over our country by Joe Biden and his Marxist administration.  Rapists, robbers, pedophiles, murderers, terrorists, and drug cartel gangsters are walking across our borders with impunity and will be invading our towns and cities with violence and deadly crime.  The police are not allowed to fully enforce law and order in some American cities and states because of the "Defund the Police" movement by BLM and Antifa.  The question is, how will they be able to enforce the law against the criminal elements of the illegals?

The border state governors of Arizona and Texas have taken bold action and called out the State National Guard to enforce law and order at the southwest border.  Next, they need to invoke the Tenth Amendment of our Constitution, and they need to work with foreign leaders on a plan to return illegal entrants to their countries of origin.  We have to stand against Biden's open borders policy and resist federal encroachment on states' rights.

We all heard many times the radical left sing loudly that the problem with America is racism, white privilege, and white supremacy.  Leftists consider anyone racist who does not support illegal immigration.  Let's not forget, in the Democrat ranks in Congress, those who manifested themselves publicly as racists, black supremacists, and Jew-haters.  Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib have on several occasions made in public antisemitic, racist statements without a strong rebuke from House speaker Nancy (Hopalong) Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic (race-baiters) Caucus.  These three anti-American women need to be severely reprimanded by the House Ethics Committee and be stripped of their committee assignments.

Think about this for one minute: there is a group on Capitol Hill called the Congressional Black Caucus.  The Marxists applaud this group.  What if there was a group called the Congressional White Caucus?  The Marxists would scream racism and white supremacy!

The Marxists want to greatly dilute the influence of the white voter population of America.  They plan to do this with large-scale, unhindered illegal immigration of people of various races and places of origin.  They believe that this will quickly replace American nationalism and propel the American people into the realm of allegiance to globalism.  The Marxist mob movement wants to strip the people of our country of their American identity.  We are proud to be Americans, and this is our country, and we will fight anyone who tries to take it away from us.  We say to these people, "Love it or leave it!"

The Democrats have always played the race card to keep minorities shackled on their Utopian plantation.  Our message to these people is to break loose from the chains of slavery and build the American dream for yourselves.  Let's face it: the Democrats could not win an election without stirring negative race relations.  Also, they have made illegal immigration a race issue to obtain their unscrupulous, political goals.

Image: BBC World Service via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0.

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